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The Lavedes

A myth submitted to the site by Bhuvan Arora

Athens, Ancient Greece

2800 long years ago in the big native agora of the most democratic and honourable city, Athens, you could find the happiest and most joyful people ever. It was a scorching day in Athens. There were lots of people having conversations about the council voting about the law. You could also find young paidagogos getting paid merely by their great opulent lords. You could smell the graceful scent of the beautiful yellow shining flowers. The blood covered soldiers, who had just come from the dreadful and hard fight against the Trojans, were walking past the big stoa. People were smelling the charming and pleasant scent of flowers. The barber was gossiping about a new hairstyle, which was growing in popularity really fast and was going to make people look much more beautiful than the normal. The carpenter was making a deluxe wooden desk with great round edges. The donkeys were bringing delicious food on their backs. The people were eating the purest wine from the agora. People were chatting in delight about their win against the Persians and also the Trojans. People were happily buying stuff from the large agora. Some people were eating the delightful food. Some people were drinking wine. All was happy, all was pleasant but little did they know about the terror coming to crush them with rage . . .

The Lavadeas was a bloodthirsty and barbaric monster. He was a carnage creator. His lava was like Zeus’ lightning bolts. The creature was exceedingly mighty and tough. He was also immortal because he was a god. He was the brother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades’ oldest brother. Only way to stop and defeat him was to trap him where he came from, the underworld. If Hades hadn’t let him be free, he wouldn’t have been able to destroy the pleasant earth above him. The lavades meant death and death for everyone. He was just the worst murder machine ever anyone could find in history.

This murder machine had powers. The powers were not powers used for the good, they were used for the bad. The dark powers were really effective. If a drop of red blood fell from the lavades and touched the ground then 2 more would come out of the bloodto fight so you had to kill more monsters and it would become so hard to win. It can even become 100000 monsters against you. That was why it would be useless to hit him with bare hands to Zeus's lightning bolts, but how he was born was really extraordinary. He was the grandson of Uranus and Gia. When he was born his mom was in a deadly volcano. The weakness of his mom was that when she was touching lava, the three witches of the underworld could cut her string and she could die. So she wasn’t always immortal. That was what actually happened! The three witches of the underworld cut her string after she had been pushed by Hades into the deadly volcano.

Hades pushed Lavades’s mom into the volcano because
the three witches had told him that if the son was born properly and well then he would find out about your dark deeds and he will kill you. Lucky for Hades that he was not born properly and he turned out to be a monster because he was born in the volcano. That was why he was called the Lavades and is one of the worst murder monsters in

“BOOM!” A big hole could be seen in the local agora. Everyone in the pleasant agora was looking at the colossal crater created by something. Something huge. Something scary. Then in faster than the fastest blink of an eye ever anyone could do, a giant terrorizing wave of lava came from the gargantuan and terrorizing hole. Everyone was screaming in terror from the shock of the lava coming from some unknown hole. One person was so scared that he shouted, “A monster has come to attack us, he’ll ruin us, he’ll ruin
us, I tell you. Run for your life everyone, R U N, RUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.”

Then in the distance a monster could be seen. Not any ordinary monster. A deadly lava monster. It was the most ferocious and strongest monster ever born immortal. Then it was clear for everyone who it was. It was the Lavades. The lava monster. Then one person said, “L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Lavadessssssssssss s s s s s…” A
decent and rich man, who was wearing a golden necklace and holding a very important note for the king, ran so fast that he couldn’t control himself when he came in front of a pile of trash and slammed into the wall. After he had his head fall in the pile of trash. There was no one was surviving the deadly lava balls being shot by the Lavades. Everyone was so scared that most of the people were getting burned or hitting into something while running because the monster was after them.

Some strong hoplites went to try and defeat the monster and keep the city of Athens safe from this cruel monster. They were just so scared that they didn’t dare go close to that devil. Then the Lavades noticed them easily. He had just melted their big round bronze shields that they were hiding under and coming closer really slowly to attack the monster. After he had killed the hoplites, who were scared, he kept on crushing people without thinking about their sadness and agony. He was massacring everyone with his deadly lava and fire. The red lava monster was tall as three tall adult griffins. He looked undefeatable, well he had done his blood-thirsty job but there was one with courage still coming.

After the Lavades left, the Athenian people were crying in agony while looking at the bodies of their melted family in the red blood lake. Some wanted revenge on that hideous thing. Then one of them shouted angrily, “We should go and follow that creature and kill him from behind for his dirty deeds.” The other Athenians got frightened and they said, “ But he is too strong. He is so strong that our best hoplites weren’t even able to kill him. Didn’t you see them
melt our hoplites?” Then they thought for a while and figured out they should let the strong immortal gods handle this matter.

Theymade a giant sacrifice of 17 goats, 12 sheep, 13 horses, 5 dogs and 22 cats. They also made a giant statue made out of gold in honour of Poseidon. It was the biggest sacrifice made in the whole of Athens. It was made at the big temple east of the fabulous and famous Parthenon. When the giant sacrifice reached all the way up to Mount Olympus and reached Poseidon, Poseidon said to Hermes (the messenger of the gods) “HERMES!”
“Yes,” answered Hermes to the mighty god of the oceans.
“Tell me who sent this giant sacrifice for me and what was the reason for such a big sacrifice. I’m asking because this is the biggest sacrifice i have got from the Athenians”
“Well let me see, just one second there got it Poseidon, OH OH OH OH N N N N NO NO NO N NO, this sacrif f fice was sent because.”
“Tell me why Hermes, tell me now! I’m waiting!”
“It was sent because of th th the Lava Lava Lavades.”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How is this possible Hermes, how how how how how tell me now!”
“ Well there is one way it’s possible”
“Well how tell me now Hermes”
“The only way he could have got out is if he had solved the puzzle of kanrospel which is a logical puzzle.”
“Now I have to stop the Lavades from ruling the world and crushing the heavens of Mount Olympus”
“You’re right Poseidon. But how will you do it?”
“I will send my most skillful son, Wateropas, Hermes give
Wateropas the golden shield, the hot thunderbolts of Zeus, my sharp trident and the sharpest sword ever which goes through the air fast carved by Hephaestus.”
“Got it sir. I promise i’ll get it done fast.”

Then Wateropas was on his way to crush the Lavades for his bad doings.
When Wateropas reached and saw all that happened he was really infuriated. Wateropas asked loudly and angrily, “Where is the dirty beast who has done all this bad to you. Please tell me.”
“Sir,” said someone politely from people looking at him. “Are you the mighty and strong and also the most skillful son of mighty god of the oceans?”
“Yes,” Wateropas replied to the question. “I am , and it is I who has come to slay the dreadful beast called the Lavades.”
“Well I may be able to take you to the mountain of the Lavades but you will have to go and fight him without me. It’s too dangerous for me to stay there. I might die.”
Wateropas thought for a while and then answered, “Fine.”
Then the unknown man said, “Come on then. Let’s get started on our journey.

They went through the jungle at night, above the hills the
next day, past the river at night , through the long grass of the big fields and at last they reached the mountain of the Lavades. With no time to prepare for Wateropas, Lavades started to shoot deadly lava balls. He shot from all directions. Wateropas did an easy duck. Wateropas rained water down at the Lavades while saying
“Take this Lavades.”
The Lavades put a lava cover on top of him which stopped the rain. Then Wateropas thought to himself if the Lavades was really smart. He shot water from under him. He wanted
to see if the Lavades was smart enough to find out that water was coming from under him. The Lavades moved to the side and the water missed him. Wateropas found out that the Lavades was smart and knew a lot of tricks. Then the Lavades shot many lava balls at Wateropas. The lava balls were no use but the big holes they made were good. While Wateropas was dodging some lava balls, he fell into a hole. Lavades saw that and took advantage of it.
He shot his big cannon balls at Wateropas. One of them was a
critical blow. One of the lava balls hit Wateropas in the leg.
Wateropas was in pain, but he used his shield to protect him. He got up. Then he shot more and more water. It was doing nothing.
Lavades just kept on ducking. Lavades just kept going
left,right,left,right and the water kept on missing. Then the Lavades shot some cannon balls at Wateropia. The cannon balls kept hitting Wateropia. Wateropia was getting weaker and weaker. Then Wateropia fell to the ground after 10 shots. He looked defenseless.
But on the final second, when the Lavades was going to rain 10 of his lava strikes close up, Wateropas moved to the side and shot water at the side and the Lavades fell. Then he shot his 10 freeze powered icicles. The Lavades got frozen. Now because the Lavades was immortal he couldn't be killed, so then he was taken to the trap of the underworld. The trap was the deepest and darkest part of the underworld. Then he watched the Lavades get locked so he could be sure that his mission was complete.

After the huge success and after the trap was checked again by Hades at the town where the monster attacked in Athens there was a big symposium for everyone, even the slaves were allowed to come. Wateropas got a comfy chair which was at the long end of the big table where the food got served. At the symposium all the villagers were delighted. The people were amazed when they heard the amazing news. Everyone was so happy. They asked how he had defeated the giant beast. He told how he was going to die, he told them all about it. He told them, “It wasn’t easy, he shot lava balls at me from all directions, also when he did that I ducked and shot
water at him. He went left, right, left, right. Then I fell down and he shot cannon balls at me. I ducked on the last second when he was about to do his final strike and make me melt. At that time it would be his good glory and my defeat. Then I shot water and he fell down.
He got hurt so I shot my freeze icicles and he froze. Then and I locked him as you know. And that was how I defeated the monster.” Everybody was amazed how Wateropas defeated the ferocious beast which fed on human flesh. Then they carried on with their symposium celebrating Wateropas’s victory.

There were amphorae with the most beautiful wine of Athens. The wine was so good that people from other villages were coming just to have some of the wine. The greatest musicians with the finest talent came to the big symposium so others could hear the beautiful sounds of the lyre. Everybody was dancing to the beautiful melodies of the instruments. The symposium was so important that acrobatics had come to show their turns, flips, rolls and jumps. It was a big symposium. There was so much entertainment in the place. The pork was just so delicious that people were fighting to get some of it. The Athenians wanted this to be the best symposium ever. They got the most comfy chairs, the best chefs around, the biggest statue of Poseidon outside, the biggest hall for the praying to Poseidon and last but not least the best hero possible just for this giant symposium. And till now the spot where once Lavades got frozen by Wateropas is still marked with a great statue of Wateropas.

By Bhuvan Arora
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