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The Mystery of the Wrekin

A myth submitted to the site by Courtney And Lottie

Telford, UK

The mystery of The Wrekin
It was morning, and all of the townspeople of Shrewsbury were fast asleep, until, Bang! Bang! Bang! Everyone woke up in horror and disbelief. Were they under attack? Only one person wasn’t afraid, that person was poor old Sean Crooper. The only thing that he was scared of was risking his life for other people who need help. He always talked himself to sleep every night by repeating to him “I won’t ever save someone’s life. I’m too scared!” until one day….

“I can’t possibly do that! I told you, I’m too scared!” interrupted Sean. A rich man invited Sean to his mansion. He was trying to persuade him to save not only his home town, but also his townspeople.
“Yes you can! You just have to push some confidence into you. You just have to believe in yourself! Remember, your home town are relying on you, Sean,” he yelled in excitement.
“ Mmmm, okay. But if I die, I’m gonna blame you. Deal?” Sean questioned the old, wise man.
“You’ve got yourself a deal! Go on, you don’t want more townspeople getting murdered by whatever that mysterious creature is!” he squealed sarcastically.

Sean wandered into the forest at the end of his tiny home town. He heard a rustle in the bushes, it suddenly jumped out, and landed onto his back! Fierce, he rapidly wrestled it to the ground, he’d never felt so good in his whole life. But, what was the mysterious creature that jumped onto his back? At first it was all blurry, a few minutes later, he saw it.. It was – it was a baby giant walking from the dead! He wondered what the real beast is going to be. He thought “Is it going to be a zombie or something like that?” But he wanted to find out sooner or later. So he marched onward. This was the greatest day of his whole life!

Later that day, Sean went through the overgrown forest and found himself getting survival tips from a lost, homeless man. Sean and the mystery man were surviving the night.
“So, how do I defeat that mysterious creature which is sending out his own minions? It’s so weird!” questioned Sean.
“Well first, you have to survive the night with me, anyway, I’m a pro. Next, you have to carry on with your quest. To kill it, you have to chop the legs off, then stab it through it’s stomach. But be careful, if you miss the stab in the stomach, it’ll kill you instead! Come on, you have to sleep, you look really tired.”

The next morning, Sean woke up with two gods, they were special gods that help whenever there is a problem. They talked Sean out of being scared
“ Sean, do not be afraid, we have come to help you. We heard about your quest, here’s a sword and a shield to help you accomplish your mission. Hurry!”
The day went on, many battles commenced, but now the time had come. The real battle was at hand. He walked up to the beast, it was a giant! He did exactly what the mystery man told him. He thought it through, and went for it. Within minutes the giant was killed, and within hours, the body was buried. All of the townspeople were saved, and now Sean has become a hero in the books of history!

And the burial mound still stands tall and strong to this day. However, it’s true mystery is only remembered by a few – the rest only know it as the beautiful hill called the Wrekin.

By Courtney And Lottie
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Name: Ella 7th February 2013
yours was really good i like the way you created the mystery:)
Name: Ellie 7th February 2013
I think this is the best story I have red so fare and I rated this five out of five it also grabs me in
Name: Caitlin 7th February 2013
your story was the best, i like the way it end and i really really like it alot
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