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Petrios and the Golden Sword

A myth submitted to the site by JJ200

Greece, Greek

Once there was a kind nobleman named Petrios. Petrios worked for King Daelyus of Greece. One night something strange happened at king Daelyus’ banquet. King Daelyus had precious inscriptions on his dining room floor. When he spilt his cup of wine the floor absorbed it and a small hole appeared. The wine then flowed out the hole and filled in half the inscriptions. When the wine filled in the last inscription it read ‘He who cometh to the tomb of a great conqueror will find a magnificent treasure worth no gold’. The small hole then grew larger and larger until became a catacomb entrance.

Reading this King Daelyus called his 20 torchbearers to guide him through the catacomb. As he walked through the long-forgotten corridor he noticed it smelt of rotting wood. King Daelyus then saw a brown oak chest. When he approached it he noticed it was causing the rotting wood smell. He tried to open it a then he saw it had a bronze lock. He took an old axe sitting on the side and smashed the bronze lock clean off the chest. He opened the chest to find a map. "This must be the map towards the great treasure" exclaimed King Daelyus.

Just then an army of skeletons appeared. "Defend yourselves" cried King Daelyus and soon the skeletons and King Daelyus' were locked in a skull-cracking combat. King Daelyus and 3 of his guards made way back to entrance. When they got back to the dining hall King Daelyus called back to his men. Sadly only 5 survived. They were hotly pursued by 20 skeletons. King Daelyus ordered his archers to destroy one of his pillars. As they did the pillar fell into the catacomb and destroyed the remaining skeletons.

Petrios rushed into the room. ”Are you all right” asked Petrios. His hand was tightly gripped on the hilt of his sword.
“I’m fine” replied King Daelyus. “Will you go on a quest for me?” asked King Daelyus. He then handed Petrios the map. “It’ll be an honour sire” said Petrios. “It’ll be dangerous so I called together the best soldiers throughout my kingdom. “ Meet Artemus” announced King Daelyus. A tall, young boy walked into the room. He looked like he was the same age as Petrios. He had thick, leather boots and a bow with a quiver of arrows. “My name is Artemus” he said. His voice was calm like a feather floating through the air. “You’ll meet your last 2 companions outside” said King Daelyus.

They walked onto the battlements of the castle. Some trumpeters blew a special tune. Then an incredible bird flew out of nowhere. It was always thought a myth but it was here. It was “Pinaphues the Phoenix of Flame and Ice”. “I’m Pinaphues the Phoenix of Flame and Ice” he said in a booming voice. Just then an athletic girl raced towards them. Petrios was impressed since she was so fast and she had giant chest on her back. Wanting to test her ability Artemus shoot three arrows at her. She grabbed her sword from her scabbard and cut the three arrows clean through the middle. There was applause from guards on the battlement. “I’m Eltena “she said. She opened her hand to give Artemus back his broken arrows. She then opened the chest that was on her back. Eltena took out chainmail a helmet and a sword. “These “are Petrios’ said Eltena. Once they all got there armour they set of on there quest.

The rest of the story is unknown. It said Petrios got the sword but died of a wound.

By JJ200
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