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The Snake, the Animals and the Turtles. (How the Stars Came to Be)

Scotland, England

One cold winters day, deep in the dark gloomy forest was a whole family of different animals. There was not much to eat or drink so that began to get weaker and more desperate. Some mothers had to abandon their unborn eggs because they could not provide enough food for them.

But,there was one somebody who had it all. This prestigious creature was the snake. He ate everything he wanted to. Everyone looked up to him. Even his worst enemies. Even though he was hated by everybody, the snake did not care because anyone would be eaten if they were caught gossiping nasty things,rumours or even the truth about him.

When the sun went down all of the animals gathered secretly like they did every night. Of course the snake was not invited but there was a reason for it. One mouse was brave enough to actually speak about his feelings towards the snake so more and more animals agreed with him. They all could not take it any longer. So they has no choice but to see the old wise turtle.

After many weeks of endless days from travelling they finally found the wise turtle. "Do not worry, I know why you are here. you are afraid but I have solved your problem. Go home and look up in to the night sky where you will find a dozen lights called stars which is where the selfish snake is living."

None of the frightened animals knew whether to believe him however they had learnt to trust their instincts. It took a while to travel home but they had managed it. Snake was nowhere to be seen!

When the sun went down and the moon shone brightly lighting up the distance, tiny little dots of silver patterned the deep blue sky. "The old wise turtle was right!Snake is now a star and there is truly thousands of them!" cried the mother Duck.

Now every time you look up into the night sky and see the stars, remember how the animals had to travel for weeks to get them. Also remember never to be selfish and to care for others not just yourself.

By Alanis Gash

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