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Fiery Phoenix and the Magical Harp

A myth submitted to the site by George Monk

Mythical islands called Tribones and Numbit, Greece

A long time ago in a far far away land,there were two islands. The island of the Tribones and the island of the Numbits.

King Arthur of Tribones was a powerful proud man and didn’t like to be messed with. King Edward of Numbit was a greedy foolish man who didn’t like anyone to be better than him.

The island of Tribones was a peaceful and calming place, with many crops growing and a lot of luscious greenery
spread across the land; on the other hand Numbit was a dark, dull place with few crops growing and the dreadful land wasting away.

The reason the island of Tribones was so tranquil was because they have a magical object that made the crops grow and the population increase. The treasured object was a magic harp, which plays when it’s enjoying itself.

King Edward was very jealous of Tribones so he sent Prince Charles, his son over to investigate the object and to find out how they keep, and where they keep it safe. Prince Charles found a way to sneak into the palace of the Tribones without being caught, but that’s what he thought.
Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King Arthur saw him and knew he was a spy. She kept her eye on him. Charles got the information he needed and went back to his father to tell him the good news.

When King Edward heard the fabulous news he sent his army of secret ninja spies over to steal the magic harp that kept the island prosperous and calm. The Princess saw them and
alerted the guards, but she wasn’t quick enough and the magic harp was stolen by the ninja spies and taken back to Numbit.

It was hoped that the harp will improve the mess that the island was in. While the magic harp had been stolen the people of Tribones were in uproar and the land was being ruined, but the same thing still happened to the people
of Numbit the island was still as dark and dull as it was before.

The reason the harp didn’t play for the island was because it didn’t know its surroundings and wasn’t comfortable in
the position that it was put in. The island of Tribones weren’t enjoying living without the harp, so they decided to steal it back by using their secret weapon Fiery the Phoenix, the reason Fiery the Phoenix was so loyal was because King Arthur saved the Phoenix from being hunted down and slaughtered.

While the island of Tribones was planning their attack to try to steal the harp back, Numbit were unaware of the plans and were still trying to make the harp play. During the early hours of the morning the Tribones had sent Fiery the Phoenix over to take back the harp which was rightfully theirs; he succeeded in his task and restored the tranquil atmosphere back to the island. The islands wars ended and the Tribones lived happy ever after and Numbit’s land shrivelled up and died whilst the King rotted in prison in the island of the Tribones.

The moral of my myth is: Cheats never prosper!
What goes around comes around!

By George Monk
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