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Exope and the Light of Zartha

A myth submitted to the site by Shai

Desert, Israel

Exope the immortal god of the sun and moon, in his true form he was about 20 feet tall.
His weapon as he called it “zapometer” could change into 6 different forms:
It could become a R.P.G, sword, gun, phone, computer, U.S.B, teliporter ( very handy ).

One day Exope went on a walk around to check on his people, while in the palace too robbers were sneaking in. the robbers were now in Exopes room and they saw on his bed his weapon, they went towards it to take it but when they touched the weapon Exope felt something wrong so he teleported back to the palace and got in to his room to notice that “zapometer” was not there, and then he noticed the open window and bellowed, not believing that somebody would dare steal the weapon.

So he Immediately went to his guards thinking they would be the only ones able to have stolen it. When he discovered the guards were innocent he went to his servants, cleaners, wives, to come to the same answer “no” he was dumb-founded to see that someone would be able to get past his guards, servants, cleaners and wives without them noticing, but he thought he had a good idea of who might have stolen the zapometer: now that he’d seen that it wasn’t one of his workers that had stolen it: he had been recently in war with the neighbor tribe the Zimhashushis so he thought they might have stolen the zapometer. This might have happened with the help of their advanced technologies (planes helicopters cars and jetpacks) with which they would have been able to land on the roof and descend into his room and quietly steal the weapon, so he immediately sent a message to the Zimhashushis threatening to blow up their campsite if they didn’t return the weapon in three days time.

The Zimhashushis hurried to reply to Exope that they had not stolen the weapon and if not to be believed would have to continue the war that had been stopped because of the disadvantage of number of soldiers. But had now managed to clone more warriors and would be up to fighting against them once again. Exope did not want more war so he was forced to believe that they had not taken the weapon, so his last option was to think somebody from his people might have stolen the weapon, so he put up signs saying that the woman who found the weapon would soon after the delivery of the weapon would be married to Exope, he put this letter out to the women because he knew all of his people were married.

The next day the two robbers felt sorry for Exope and told their wives who then told Exope that their husbands had stolen the weapon. He soon after married both women and was considering sparing the robbers but then heard they only returned the weapon because they felt sorry for him which he thought of as very rude and disrespectful to feel sorry for a god like himself. For that he was very annoyed and decided to hang them. This teaches you that not only enemies can be thieves.

By Shai
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