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The Man who Helped the Lion

A myth submitted to the site by Maisie


Once there lived a fierce lion who lived in the jungle,a man named Allendar who walked through the jungle to find some freshly picked berries. As he got to the berry bushes, there was a large male lion just lying there making groaning noises. Allendar began to run, but then he noticed that the lion never ran after him. Allendar began to make his way back to the large animal, and peered at the male lions foot, it was big, swollen and had been poring with fresh blood. Allendar slowly stretched his arm out and grabbed hold of the thorn stuck in it's foot. He slowly stroked the animal, as it was in pain groaning and moaning and Allendar counted to three 1......2......3 AND PULLED THE THORN OUT. The lion gave a terribly loud roar. The lion slowly got up and gave a big lick to Allendars face. The male lion jogged away a medium speed. Allendar walked away in happiness that he helped a giant lion without being eaten.

A few minutes later, Allendar heard a cracking sound coming from a few center meters away. Suddenly three black shadows came across the corner of his eye and before he new it he couldn't see a thing. Then he woke up in a large arena and these large, golden gates opened wide and a big lion came out! Allendar thought to himself that lion looks very much like the one i saved. The lion hadn't been fed for three days, the lion ran up to Allendar and was just about to bite him until........., the lion stopped and gave him a big lick, and stuck his jaws out to the king of sacrifice and he was never to be seen again.

By Maisie
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