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Alisa The Brave

Orchid Hill

Alisa was a child of King Oberon and Queen Thameena Renalde. Alisa was made of pure-good, a blessing from the gods. King Oberon and Queen Thameena, had always longed to have a child, but a child was never born to them. The Gods took pity on them, and promised to send a child of pure good, and blessed with loyalty. And who was it, that was born to them? Princess Alisa Mignonette Renalde! She was the child they were waiting for!

Alisa was a brave, kind, and generous young girl made of pure good. Soft, wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes, and a smile that could light up the world.

When Alisa was fourteen, there was war between the Renalde's and Omerons. The war was such a pitying thing. Terrifying thoughts preyed on Alisa's mind. But luckily, no attacks were made on the palace.......yet.

It was a cool night on the 4th of July. Alisa was doing her needle-work in her bedroom. That was when she heard ear-piercing screams. Alisa jumped up, needle and thread falling to the floor. She rushed over to her balcony-window. The Omerons were attacking! She could see torch-lit flames, and mens' voices. She tugged at this cord to alert the people on the palace that the Omerons were attacking.

King Oberon entered her room.
"Dear, Alisa. I shall lead the army. Wish me good-luck," he said sadly. Alisa clasped his hand, "You know I will," she whispered. Her father left. Alisa felt a pang in her heart, may that be the last time she saw him?

She pulled on a silk-cardigan over her silk nightdress, got some shoes and ran to her mother, who was watching from her balcony window."Mum! Mum! What is going to happen?" she sobbed. A hour passed, and Alisa watched in horror as a Omeron led her father to the leader Oberon. King Oberon's hands were tied behind his back. The leader drew out his sword.....
"NO!" Alisa screamed, and ran down the marble staircase. Flung open the door and ran to the high hill on were her father was standing. The leader drew back his sword and.....Alisa lept in front of King Oberon before he got stabbed......but she got stabbed instead.

Alisa staggered back so she was in the center of the hill. She could hear her mother screaming. Her hand was clutched tightly over her wound over her heart. A golden light shone through the wound. Strange. Soon the light was so over-powering you could not see Alisa. The light had blinded the Omerons, and they retreated to their base.

Because Alisa was made of pure good, bravery, kindness and loyalty, all those good things had saved her. Alisa was not going to carry on living as a human, but living as a beautiful, eternal Orchid. Soon the light faded, and Queen Thameena had joined them at their daughters' flower. After that event the hill was call Orchid Hill, in memory of Princess Alisa Mignonette Renalde. Some of the villagers would pray beside her flower for good-luck.

Even today, the Orchid is still their, protecting the village....

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