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The Day Bull Boy was Born

A myth submitted to the site by Taylor Harvey

London, England

Hi , I'm Jack Accanton , you can't see me , but you can see the words I'm saying. I'm going to tell you my story of how I became, BULL BOY!

It was a Friday morning, my brother, Andy, my best friend, Daniel and I, were on our way to school. By the time we arrived, we saw 10 or more policemen telling people to go back home, we had no idea why, but when we asked our Headmaster, Mr.Heffley, what was going on, he said, "A student here, tried to set the school on fire , because I ecspelled him a year ago!" I knew who the student was and I'm ashamed to be related to that person, and that person is my cousin, Roger; the reason he was ecspelled from my school was because, he was too crazy and weird , so now , he's in a mental home.
On the way back home, Daniel , Andy and I decided to take a shortcut through the woods.

We were halfway through the woods until...we heard a strange noise! , we then heard screaming , but not normal screaming , the kind of screaming 12,000 goblins and monsters would make. "Jack...I'm scared!!!" Cried Andy. I don't blame him , I was kind of scared too, I told Daniel to take Andy out of the woods and go strait back home.

I had no idea what was in the woods , all I could see was a huge , dark shadow coming close to me then suddenly bit me! I couldn't stop screaming , I quickly ran out of the woods , sweating like a fat pig. By the time I got home , I grew bull horns! Daniel started to freak out , he's never seen me like this , actully , no one in the world has seen me like this! , just then , my beautiful nose changed into the kind a bull has , one of my hands and feet changed into a bull kind , my eyes turned red and , my mouth changed into a bull mouth , so ... I was half bull , and I still am!!!

This was my worst nightmare! When Andy came down stairs , he didn't reconise me, started to scream and panic , he then ran back up stairs and locked himself in his room. I tried to get him out but all he said was," WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY PRECIOUS BROTHER?" , I told him that it was me and something weird happend but the thing I got back was, " I'm 7 , not 4 , you can't fool me. " So then I just went back down stairs , told Daniel to keep an eye on Andy , and went back to the woods to catch who ever turned me into...BULL BOY!

When I was in the woods , I saw the dark shadow , I started to chase it for nearly 15 minutes . When I finally caught it , I brang it out into the sun to see who or what it was and the person that bit me cousin ,Roger! I thought he was in a mental home , but I guess he escaped!
I asked him why he did this , he told me that it was becuase I took his girlfriend away. I tried to apoligize , but all he did was make a face and then he ran away.

When I arrived back home , Andy shouted my name, ran to me and gave me a BIG hug , he said sorry for not reconising me.

And that's how I became ..... BULL BOY!

By Taylor Harvey
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