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The Guard of the Fens

A myth submitted to the site by Mandy

Suffolk, England

In the fens in Suffolk, there is a lonely ghost with his dog. The dog is a huge hound with shaggy brown fur and piercing black eyes. His teeth are as sharp as razzors and have been yellowed by the year of guarding the fens. The man is tall and has a skeleton like figure. He is dripping wet and is always angry.

The guard lived many years ago, in the 17th century. He was a water watcher, (watching the water levels), averting flooding of nearby villages.

One night on the 16th of August, he had fell asleep at his post, not watching the waters. A huge storm rolled up and it began to rain, it rained like it had never rained before. The water level began to rise. The guard, still fast asleep didnt realise the danger and failed to warn the villages. The water flooded houses and distroyed crop. The village was in ruin.

It had become apparient that the guard and his dog had drowned in the flood waters, to make him pay for the damage caused by the flood he was cursed by the local wise women to forever guard the waters of the fens.

So if you are traveling in the fens on the 16th of August at night, look out for his spirit wondering the banks of the river, but never turn your back because he and his hound will get his revenge on the people of the village, one way or another.

It might be another flood or simply a mysterious disapearance.

By Mandy
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