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The Return of the Ghostly Stag

A myth submitted to the site by Max

Hopeton Woods, Edinburgh, Scotland , uk

If you have not read the ghostly stag you should read that first.

The ghostly stag kept doing really nice deeds for people he saved a lot of other people and one day it was getting dark and the ghostly stag saw a person on the side of the road. The person was sitting down with a tiny and tattered bag on his left. He was a beggar. He had nowhere to live and no food. So, the ghostly stag said and surprised the beggar a lot, “I’ll take you to someone I know who will give you food and shelter for the night.” But it was a long, long way to get to the house.

They needed to pass many dangers for example there was a big and terrible witch who had fought the stag many, many years ago. The witch was still cross with the stag and was still fighting with him sometimes. There were also bears and tigers and they were all very fierce and all on the witches team. But they started off on their journey.

The first danger they came across was a ginormous crocodile. It was so grumpy it was snapping its teeth for so long that it took an hour and a half to get past. After they got past him they met a giant bear who the witch had ordered to block their path. Eventually they got past, but the bear was still chasing them. The beggar ran and hid up a tree. The ghostly stag hid behind the tree (It was a big tree.) The bear could not find them so it walked past.

A few minutes later they came upon the witch herself and she was so grumpy she would not forgive anyone. She did not want to let him past but she could not stop them because her wand that the boy had snapped in two and put in the water, was still out of reach. She tried as hard as she could but as she did the magic spell that always worked the ghostly stag shot a blue light from his horn and the witch had to give up.

Finally, they got to the person’s house. It was an old woman. The beggar had food and shelter for the night.
The next day he set out with food, water, and a new set of clothes. He said, “Thank you” and went away to give his thanks to the ghostly stag. But the ghostly stag was nowhere to be seen…..

He travelled for many days to find the ghostly stag and he forgot all about the dangers that were on his way!!!!!!!!!! He was running about merrily with his new found luck and came face to face with the bear he had met with earlier, it was angrier than ever. But the ghostly stag came and helped and disappeared! He had no time to say thank you.

On his way back through the deep dark woods he spotted a bag of gold coins that the stag had purposefully put there for him and from that day he always had help from the ghostly stag. The beggar got a job as a story teller and told the story of the ghostly stag over and over again. He was known all far and wide.

By Max
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Latest comments:
Name: Emma 18th August 2013
I liked both of your stories, Max! You are a very good author and illustrator. I hope you write another story!
Name: Jane 12th January 2013
aww i love this story its the best.
Name: Sam 11th January 2013
great work max the ghostly stag was a bit better but all the same good work
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