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Tom's Out of Space Dream

A myth submitted to the site by Freddie Ide

Tom was in his bedroom gazing at the stars in the night sky all of a sudden there was a flash from sky in the far distance. Tom was puzzled as to what this was.
Tom immediately went to his computer to find out what the flash could be. All of the internet was off-line this made him feel very uneasy about the flash of light.

He returned to window to see if he could still see the light but it had vanished and in its place was a cloud of dust rising from the garden. Tom ran downstairs to alert his parents to the flash and the object that appeared to have landed in his garden “Mum Dad come quick something has landed in the garden” No reply his parents seemed to be stuck in a time warp.
Tom ran back to his room as he felt safer upstairs then he heard a thump at the window he looked up but could see nothing as dust from the garden had enclosed the house and all the moonlight had gone.

Although tom was nervous he wanted to catch all he could on film he reached for his camcorder and started to film. Again the noises seemed to be getting closer and he could hear an unfamiliar sound from outside the window and it did not seem human or animal.

BANG the glass smashed and Tom almost jumped from out of his skin. He immediately pointed the camcorder at the now broken window but the dust was pooring in the room it became difficult to breath as the dust was taking the air from the bedroom.
Then in the light of the camcorder screen he saw the moving objects !!!! these objects were not of our earth.

Again the creatures appeared to be communicating with each other and were headed in my direction. Tom jumped from the floor on to the bed as the creatures seemed to be slithering rather than walking.
The snake like alien had two heads and a rattle snake like tail and The aliens were red and orange in colour and did not have any hair. Then a centipede like alien appeared out of the dust and started speaking in our language.
“Tom I come to you from another planet called Mongo I have come to give you special powers that only you can use”.
Tom shakes off his fear and steps from the bed towards the alien “how did you know my name”
The alien replies “ you are the chosen one and I have been watching you for many years, we have little time to deliver these powers so please listen carefully”.

The alien told Tom his name was Ruben and about the powers he would be given if he accepted the responsibilities that went with the power. Tom was blown way with the powers that were being given to him.
It was then Tom heard the shrieking coming from outside his door “TOM what is all the noise you are supposed to be asleep” the door handle rattled Ruben sprinted to the door secured the lock” TOM open the door who are you talking to”. Ruben came closer to me and whispered in my ear.

TOM get up its time for school. Tom looked all around the room but all he could see was his Mother. Startled he jumped out of bed and ran to the window but all was as the day before the garden was perfect no big holes or crashed spaceships it had all been a pleasant dream.
Tom turned to his Mum but she had left the bedroom to prepare breakfast as he waved his arm the door closed without being touched what was happening could it be his powers that Ruben had given him !!!!!!.

By Freddie Ide
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