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Sinky Snowstars Capture

A myth submitted to the site by Isabella

Xihag Village, Monster Island

“What the?” Said a small little goblin that was named Sinky as she was awoken when Queen Therellsa, Sinky’s mum who was the queen of Goblin City, screamed.
“Come quick, somebody!” Queen Therellsa yelled in a frightened voice. “I guess I better see what mess has been left in our wonderful castle” thought Sinky as she got up. As she got to where her mum was she turned invisible for she was so frightened. So King Jordon had to come in and kill what was scaring the girls which was a cramanel snake and then threw it in the fire.

“Sinky why don’t you go play outside while I calm your mother down and do some business.” said King Jordon sternly. So off went Sinky as she had some pancakes, brushed her teeth, did her hair, got changed, cleaned her room and got her shoes ready to be off. It took about an hour to get everything done, like it usually does, before she could go off but this time she intended to do something different to all the other days and that was to go down to Xihag Village because she had been to all the other areas in Monster Island but that area.

“Maybe I am not allowed to go there because they don’t have a king or queen like the other areas do” she thought happily to herself but what she thought was wrong, even though they don’t have a king or queen, no monsters ever go near Xihag Village or Pirate Bay because they are humans.

When she got to the sign that said ‘Welcome to Xihag Village where anything can be made history.” She stopped and wondered what it all meant then saw an arrow pointing to a cave. Like any other curious goblin (Sinky was a very curious goblin) Sinky went to check the cave out and see how it referred to the sign she saw just a moment ago.

In the cave Sinky saw pictures that made a story. The one that caught her eye was a small little goblin that looked like her going into a cave. “So that’s what the sign meant, anything can be made history.” As she said that more pictures appeared about what she had done. Sinky got spooked out so ran out of the cave.
“Whoa, look at that tree house.” She said as she walked past the Xihag Village Sign. “It’s the loony tree house, the one in all my favourite stories.”
As Sinky began to walk to the tree house she suddenly turned invisible and ran straight to hide behind a bush. She had now saw why no monster ever went anywhere near Xihag Village, and that was not because they had no queen or king but because there were humans there.

Just after she finished her thoughts about Xihag Village, everything went dark. “Who turned out the lights.” She said in a quite scared voice. Sinky thought very hard about what she was in. She had never seen it, smelt it or felt its fabric before. Then she remembered what humans do. ‘They catch you from behind and put you in a bag thing ‘When she finished her thoughts she put her ears to the side of a bag and listened
“What was that thing?” Said a voice
“A goblin from the Snowstar Castle I expect from the clothes she wears.” Another voice said.
“Do you think she is harmless or¬-“
“She is after the children, didn’t you see she was watching them.”
“I don’t think she was after them, you guys should know that no goblins or any other kind of monster comes here. Well no adult monsters so she must be a child. I don’t think a child would want to go killing anyone!”
“Then why was she watching the children?”
“It’s quite obvious she saw the Loony Tree House and went to get a closer look then she saw the children and had no clue what they were”
Sinky couldn’t make out what the next words they said for she was caught up in one of her deep thought moments ‘I beat there is about three of them all wanting to kill me just because they thought I came to kill those children things!’ For a second time she put her ears to the side of the bag to listen.
“Then it’s settled, we shall say nothing about the goblins capture and we shall keep her kept in the History Cave.”
“Fair enough.”
“Fine by me.”
Sinky found herself being carried by one of the men and in no time she found that it was even darker than before.
“Oh goblin, I have been captured!” She whispered with lack of happiness.

By Isabella
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