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The Tale Of Bodyke's Bears

Bodyke, Ireland

A long time ago there was a school. It was called Bodyke N.S. This school was attended by many children and was built next to a forest. The name of the forest was called "The kingdom of bears". It was called this because it was completely inhabitated by bears!

One fateful day the children were silently working like they always were and the teacher was correcting homework from the previous day. After the children finished their maths it was time for Irish, The teacher decided to not do Irish that day and do P.E. with the children instead because they were so good. This was great news to the children indeed and so they all rushed in the little hall and grabbed their coats to prepare for the mild weather. They lined up and then they were lead outside by the the two staff name Laura and Pauline and then at the back of the line to make sure everyone went outside was the teacher Mr. 'O' Tuathail.

They were outside playing loads of different games when suddenly they heard a tremendous roar! The children screamed as they ran inside with the staff and the teacher, once they were all inside the teacher hurriedly locked the door. Everyone hid under tables and in the hall and bathrooms for they all knew that a locked door wouldn't keep a group of bears from charging in on top of them. And as sure as rain they were right, five minutes later the door burst down and all of the bears came rushing in! The bears could speak, to everyone's surprise, and demanded that they be given everything that this school had owned. Including the children themselves! When nothing was said or done the leader of the bears swung his claws against the wall making a most horrible noise while roaring.

Everyone was scared stiff and then everyone's mouths dropped open as the staff Pauline and Laura ran headfirst into the bears holding a stick that was on fire! They had grabbed a stick outside and lit it on fire with a lighter and were now chasing the bears into the forest while forcing them to vow to never try and raid Bodyke N.S. ever again! When they came back everyone jumped on them in a huge hug including the teacher while saying thank you and saying how brave they were. Soon the police were called and a search party was sent into the woods to take the bears to a specisl prison for wild animals.

A few days after everyone in Bodyke gathered in the school as the two staff workers were given the bravest person of the year award! Everyone was so happy for them and from that day on the woods that Laura and Pauline chased the bears into was called Staff Wokers Peak!

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