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How Different Colored Eyes Came To Be

How Different Colored Eyes Came To Be
By Danna Gomez
Long ago, as Iris was unleashing a rainbow from her messenger bag after a vast deluge of rain, she was interrupted by a loud plea for help. She looked down to the wild, thrashing ocean below her and spotted a drowning, frantic man. Iris wasn’t exactly a fan of mankind. In fact, she thought they were just spoiled brats who never helped anyone besides themselves. But something about this particular human made her do the unthinkable…rescue him. With the help of Poseidon, she calmed the seas and then lifted the now-unconscious man into her arms and flew him onto the shore. As she carried him, she remembered that she hated humans. What was it that had made him so different than the others? She was sure that as soon as he regained consciousness he would just throw a tantrum because his hair was all messed up or something. Disgusted with herself, she plopped him on the sandy ground without one glance.

She adjusted her bag around her shoulders and was about to take off when, suddenly, he awoke with a cough attack. When he finished, he yelped at her to wait. He rose up on his knees, and crawled to her feet.
“Thank you!!!” he sputtered.
What was this……kindness??? Weren’t they all just shallow idiots?? But then, she remembered what it was about this human that had made her rescue him in the first place. He wore only a blanket for clothes, his arms and legs were much too skinny, and his face was streaked with dirt. It was quite obvious…..he was a vagrant. Suddenly, Iris felt terrible for hating mankind. She knew that not everyone was as noble as this man, but she now understood that it wasn’t their fault.

“You’re very welcome. Why don’t you wait here for just a moment while I go…to a meeting? I’ll be back shortly.”
And with that said, she flew off into the sky and headed toward Mt. Olympus. When she reached it, she held a council meeting.

“I have seen that not all humans are selfish and ungrateful, so I wish to leave these humans with something to remember me by. The only problem is, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“Why don’t you make the sun brighter so that they can enjoy more light?” suggested Hephaestus.

“But what does that have to do with me?” she countered.
The room was silent while all the gods were deep in thought. Suddenly, Athena spoke out.

“Well, it is quite simple, really. Iris is the goddess of the rainbows and we have all seen how these humans only have dull, brown eyes. Why don’t you give each and every human being different colored eyes and name them irises?”
“But how will I do that? There are thousands upon thousands of humans in the entire world!!” Iris cried.
“With the help of the god of sleep, put every human into a deep slumber, and then you can have enough time to give each human different colored eyes!!”

And so as it was suggested, it was done. The wonderful gift was passed down from generation to generation and will continue until the end of time.

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