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The Evil Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by Alex Ross

China town, China


One fine day in China a boy called Yan went to a hill he heard a sound it sounded like a meteor it was a meteor but it wasn’t a normal One because inside was a dragon egg. When the meteor hit the hill it crumbled into pieces and there stood a baby dragon.

“WOW a dragon’’ said Yan! The dragon had brown eyes, red skin, 1 tooth, no wings and couldn’t breath fire.
“I will call you Drago” he said. Yan kept drago in his room. Drago grew really fast and got too big for his room so he made a really big den for Drago.

10 years later Drago ran off to China town, every body was really scared of the dragon. Drago blew fire at some houses. The people in the houses ran out screaming
“AHH!”They said, by the time Yan woke up drago took two men and went to a temple.
Yan went to China town “what has happened here” Yan said. “He went to the temple” a man told him so he went to the weapon shop. “ A sword please” Yan said.

Then Yan went to fight the evil dragon, when he got there the dragon ran to him and the fight was on, Drago blew fire at Yan but he ducked down and stabbed him, the dragon was dead.

He went back to celebrate but he remembered Drago fore ever.

By Alex Ross
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