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The Sparkle

A myth submitted to the site by Linda

Countryside, England

One day two girls went out to the market and saw a sparkle in the sky. They decided to follow it but they were not sure if it would lead them to danger. They asked the gods to be with them and set off.

The sparkle in the sky kept on moving towards the north. They started to get suspicious because there was a big red figure moving in a field where they were heading. They decided to see what it was. They soon came near to it, it stood up and it turned out to be the big evil monster. They started to run faster towards the sparkle but it only led them to a cave. They went into the cave and the sparkle moved into the cave with them. They reached out for it but it kept moving forwards deeper into the cave.

They soon started to give up when they saw the big red figure again. So they ran even faster towards the sparkle. Suddenly it happened all at once. Millions of rocks fell down far ahead but they kept going towards the stones. They were determined to get the sparkle. They knew that if they managed to catch the sparkle they would have very good luck and it would help them with their wars. So they carried on.

One of the girls caught her foot on a stone and it started to bleed. She shouted, 'Help!' Then the stones started rolling towards them. They couldn't take it any longer. They turned back to find the big red figure hovering above them. The sparkle started running towards the rocks. They started running towards the sparkle. The big red figure started chasing both. They did not realise who the red figure was. They did not know what luck they would get if they were just to touch it.

It suddenly started chasing them then with one glorious stroke it reached out for the sparkle and gave it to the girls. They thanked it and he gave the girls a pen to help them if any troubles came to them. Then he gave them the map back to their home.

He said they would only win the battles if they made only three pledges. 1. Go to the king and tell him to send three girls and three boys to be my slaves. 2. The king has to give two sheep that have no marks on them, to my cave. 3. If the men strike their wives at least three times they have to bring the men to me as slaves. He wrote all this on a little scroll. They did as they were told and they always won their battles while they kept their pledges.
The end.

By Linda
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