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The Devil's Dance

A myth submitted to the site by Hayley

Brooklyn, England

Emma and Lucy were lounging happily on the sofa eating sweets, popcorn, and chocolate, it was Halloween of course. Emma and Lucy were the best of friends they’ve known each other since Reception. They aren’t just friends there cousins as well at their christening their uncle had given them both amulets shaped like little red crosses they were very special to them. Lucy was having a sleepover round Emma`s house just after they went trick or treating. The clock struck 12. “Time for bed and make sure you scrub all those sweets out of your mouth!” called Emma`s mum fussily. Emma sighed “okay mum we will goodnight” replied Emma. Giggling the pair crept upstairs determined to not wake Kyle Emma`s little brother they brushed their teeth and slipped into bed.

“Awooooo” a blood curdling howl pierced the air sending Lucy`s blood cold. Her face grew pale as she noticed Emma was gone; she grabbed her torch and crept downstairs. “Auntie C-Carrie” Lucy stammered “are you there?” no one answered an eerie silence followed. A burst of fluorescent colours came from the living room colours changing from red to green to pink. Lucy jumped abruptly she stepped gingerly into the living room. Everything seemed to be normal when she saw darkness lurk in the corner of her eye. Lucy spun round to see shadows dancing slowly. One of the shadows spotted her and stopped dancing. “Lucy you have to join us I’m afraid since you`ve seen us” said the shadow sulking. “Wait how do you know my name?” asked Lucy.
The out of the shadow popped out a hand and a cloak was pulled off. A girl with long dark hair and light eyes, Emma! “Lucy I`m sorry the Devil captured me and I couldn`t escape every Halloween night I have dance until my feet are sore with blisters every child has to dance for him I`m sorry.” Emma turned away from Lucy`s gaze.

A black puff of smoke rose into the air that meant one thing: the Devil was here. “Dance for me now” howled the Devil his menacing eyes glistening with fire. Lucy and Emma reached under their PJ`s and clutched the amulets. A crisp white glow burst out of their chests and the Devils face twisted in pain, seeing the agony in his face they both took a step towards him. Crosses started burning into the flesh of the Devil appearing everywhere across his body soon nothing was left but a pile of steaming ashes. Every child was free from the curse and the Devil never made children dance for him at Halloween again

By Hayley
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