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Boy at War

Small Village, Kilmock, Wales

Boy at War
Once upon a time about 400 years ago in a land far from here there was a boy called Alun. He had short, spikey hair and a freckly face. He had two older brothers called Daniel and Gethin. His brothers always called him names and said he would never do anything good. Alun’s dad was at war with an evil monster in a nearby village in the shadow of a grand castle. The monsters name was Bilgodav and he had a strong army of wolves, giants and dragons. Bilgodav’s army were the richest and best in the country. They stole money and children from the poor and kept everything in the castle.
In Alun’s house his mum was finding it hard to cope without his dad. So Alun wanted to help. He thought for a few days “How can I help my mother?” He woke up the next morning and said to his mum “ I am going to war with Dad!” His mum asked “Why?”
“It’ll be less stressful for you” replied Alun.
“You are too young to go to war” His mother explained.

After a few days of arguing, Alun came to a decision that he was going. So off he went. When he arrived at the small village he asked one of his father’s knights “Where is my father?” The knight explained that his father had been captured by Bilgodav and thrown in the dark dungeon of the castle. Alun was furious and wanted to kill Bilgodav. The knight said “don’t go, Bilgodav has super powers and can turn children like you into beasts by touching you with his ugly, three fingered hand."

Alun was tired and confused and wanted to go home. Suddenly he heard a voice saying “Alun you have super powers of your own, just rub your belt and you’ll find out what it is!” Alun knew it was his father speaking to him.

Bilgodav’s army attacked the dusty village again and they saw Alun, Bilgodav shouted “get him!” so they pinned Alun down. Bilgodav was about to touch him with his ugly, three fingered hand when Alun rubbed his belt. His arms got bigger and Alun realised he had super strength, so he picked up a big, heavy stone and threw it at Bilgodav and squashed him. Bilgodav’s army watched in disbelief and horror as their leader was squashed by the stone. Their horror turned into happiness as all of the dragons, giants and wolves turned into the happy children they once were.

Alun released his father and they all lived peacefully in the castle. Alun didn’t have to use his super powers again but he always knew they were there.

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