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The Great and Powerful Girl.

Croft Primary School/Warrington, England

Sophia was a great and powerful child; she loved playing with her friends named Sophie G, Fern Brackly and her sister Georgia Brackly. They loved playing magical games like a simple wish and other powerful games. On Thursday 21st March 1913, when she was seven because she was born in 1905 and that night she wished that she could have magical powers. Her wish came true she knew that because... she was playing with her dolls the next day and she played a magical game.

She was pretending that she was the person who was in the game and she messed up quite a lot of things because she didn't know that she had magical powers "It has come true it has really come true she wished that she could have magical powers and it came true!"

Her Dad hated the mess that she made and so did her Mum. They were so furious, it was one of those spring days when you want to play a game you were not allowed to play in the winter so on the first day back at school her friend Sophie G asked Sophia if she wanted to play a magical game. Sophia answered quietly “No thank you.” And walked away to ask any-one if they would like to play dogs, all they said was” I don’t want to play dogs!”

They just walked off, Sophia told the teacher and the teacher told everyone to line up everyone kept saying” That was a very short break time.” The teacher told them to go and sit in their places and told every teacher that every student that was in had not let Sophia play with them. Sophia was only in year 3, she was the youngest in the juniors so hardly anyone would play with her, the only people who played with her were her friends who were in her class.

The next day the children went swimming after dinner. Just before swimming they did the register and the morning register was totally different. 6 of the children were missing their names were Lucy, Lauren D, Matilda, Benjamin, Tommy and Thomas R. Sophia thought that she must save them. So she did, she told the teacher that the register was totally different to the morning one.

So she tried to use her magic powers to get them back to school. Of course she said it to herself in her head, her magic spell. It worked out very well because they came back to school and they were nearly ready for swimming because they were the only ones that went home to have their dinner. So all they needed in their swimming bag was a swimming costume and towel and they were all ready for swimming so off they went to swimming and they were so messy because of the magic that Sophia put on. Thomas’s mum and dad were so angry because he was so messy, so were the other parents of the children that got the magic used on them, so Sophia prayed that night that her magical powers would go away.

But her powers didn’t go away. A god came down and spoke to Sophia and told her how her powers would go away. He said that Sophia must make her powers go away after a dozen nights.


She did it, she made her powers go away it was such a happy time for Sophia her mum said what is all the banging about Sophia just said “Nothing!” and she kept banging until the god came down again and spoke to Sophia about how she would get her powers back and away all over again. This happened it is now called Croft Primary School in Warrington.

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