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The Flying Fish

Muqabah, Saar, Bahrain

One Sunday morning three girls went fishing and Stephanie found a gold fish. So, they put the fish in a lovely colourful tank. The tank was about medium in size. One day Rebecca went outside with the gold fish then Jessica ran and was doing a split jump but while she did it she bumped Rebecca’s shoulder.

Suddenly Stephanie said to Jessica, “Oh no, is the fish alright?” said Stephanie.
“Of course it is” said Jessica.
“You really think so ?” cried Rebecca. Jessica told Stephanie and Rebecca, “I think it’s not alive anymore”. “Come on lets go to the ocean and put it back where it belongs now”.

But Jessica, Rebecca and Stephanie did not realize that it was alive. While every night the fish would grow bigger and bigger. On Friday night it was enormous, it would grow to the size of a killer whale!

So one wintery day they went fishing again. Rebecca caught something “I’ve got something, I’ve got something!” said Rebecca. She couldn’t pull it from her fishing rod. She kept pulling and she tried as hard as she could but she couldn't not pull it. “Jessica come here, I can't get this silly fish or whatever it is, out of the ocean”. Rebecca and Jessica kept pulling and pulling and they still couldn’t get it. “Stephanie come here and help us” said Jessica.

Stephanie kept pulling, Rebecca kept pulling and Jessica kept pulling and it finally came. It was a huge killer whale. “Oh, that's the killer whale”, shouted Stephanie. “Oh my gosh!” said Rebecca.
Jessica said “I don't think that's a killer whale, it’s that fish that we had, I thought it had died!” Rebecca commented that the fish is getting bigger and then smaller when it wants too. Rebecca realized that maybe the fish is evil. “Stephanie come closer my lovely” said the gold fish. Stephanie could hardly believe here ears when she heard the gold fish speak. Stephanie was so curious she went over to the fish to get closer. The fish pulled her into the water but Rebecca and Jessica grabbed onto her hands and they refused to let go and luckily they managed to get her back.

Then the fish got angry and it flew out of the water and then Rebecca, Jessica and Stephanie realized it was a flying fish. While it was flying Stephanie saw a sword on the grass and picked it up. “Oh fishy, come and take me I don’t mind” said Stephanie. Then the fish believe her and then Stephanie said “On the count of three you can eat me alive”. “One, two, three” said Stephanie. When the fish was about to eat she stabbed the fish in the fish gut.

And this ended the legend of the flying fish.

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