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New Robin

A myth submitted to the site by Fatima Abbady

Kingdom, Bahrain

Many, many moons ago, there was a skinny boy who lived with his loving mom and his wicked stepfather in a very poor village.
This boy had legs and arms that seemed as dry as two twigs, his face was so bony that his eyes seemed as if they were going to pop out of their sockets.
In addition to his agony, his name was Robin Spindly.

Although his appearance did not reflect his bravery and courage, he was a mighty, brave, kind-hearted young man. He felt that somehow, someday he will become a hero and save his village from misery and extreme poverty.

He kept talking about his dreams but his stepfather’s opinion was
“Spindly you are hallucinating , no little blister like you can save anything in this world!” he always said spitefully.
On the other hand , his mom was always encouraging him by saying
“ Son you follow your dreams and one day they will come true.” She said generously.

Robin often sat on his own gazing at the lake in front of him wishing that one day he will stop being teased and humiliated by everyone except for his mom.
Right at that moment he saw a nervous, muscular knight walking back and forth.
Robin asked “What’s wrong?”
“It’s just the princess has been kidnapped and she’s locked up in a tall tower which is guarded by a furious dragon."
“But who would do such a thing and why?" Exclaimed Robin
“The prime minister wants to take over the kingdom and force the king to step down, furthermore he threatened him by saying that if his demands were not granted before the next full moon he will kill the princess!” answered the panicked knight.
Puzzled , Robin asked “Where are all the kings guards and knights?”
“They were all so corrupted and too scared to sacrifice their lives for their king.”
“I’ll do it !!! Even though I may not survive trying.” declared Robin”.
Ha-ha you think you can release the princess and kill the ferocious dragon when the bravest , strongest men have failed. But you know what?!? Since nobody else offered help... I’ll show you the way.”

So off went Robin. He was so worried that his knees were shaking but still very brave… well not very brave… let’s say determined.

When he was on his journey, he met weird creatures and saw strange things but that is a different story from a different time .

When he arrived , he heard the moaning and the growling of the beast! He saw the mouldy, rotten, grey tower that stood tall in front of him. His feet were planted to the ground and his stomach fluttered like a flag in a windy day but then he remembered his mission .

Reluctantly he walked toward the tower as if he was hypnotised but all of a sudden he remembered that there was a dragon so he can’t go right now. He also remembered that dragons are nocturnal so he had to wait until the next morning.

At sunrise, when the birds were chirping and the dragon was in deep sleep and It’s body was relaxed, he quickly saved the princess who had an angelic face and an enchanting voice. He returned her to her father .

When the king saw his beloved daughter, he felt joy and happiness and he rewarded the brave, young man .The princess fell in love with Robin and they got married and lived happily ever after.

Moral of this story is that believe in your dreams and your dreams will believe in you and always remember if you can dream it, you can do it .

By Fatima Abbady
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Name: Yasmeen 24th February 2013
Fatima, this is not a compliment by no means, but this is so good. And as a matter of fact, the last sentence you wrote is adorable and I'm going to share it with my friends... Keep it up and will always love to read what you write :)
Name: Radwa Elkomy 24th February 2013
Great job & well done!It's a lovely story and I enjoyed reading it so much..wish u all the best:)
Name: Mohamed Hegazi 23rd February 2013
Can't wait for the different story from a different time... well done :)
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