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The Castle In the Wood

A myth submitted to the site by Jim Christian Axinto

Cebu City, Philippines

As a brave knight rides past a small village in the old country of what is known now as Texas, which, before this, was covered with luscious lawns of green grass and beautiful tall oak trees. The forest past was surrounded with clear, blue and yellow flowers. If you were lucky, you could see a deer roaming about, trying to find its food for its family. But enough of that stuff.

As I was saying, a knight was on his horse, heading across a river (which there was a stone bridge,) towards a castle, which if you were to look up, I could see the tallest tower, and most people would say it would reach the sky. The drawbridge of the castle is lowered, and the knight rumbles in to stables, where he gets off his horse, and makes his way towards the stairs. On his way up, he passed many
servants; they were doing their duties to help the queen and king.

Now, no one noticed this, but the knight had a large leather bag under his dark cloak. Inside, there was a secret item, which not even the knight knew what it was. He wants to bring it to the king and queen so there servants could examine it.

The knight reaches the 20th floor of the castle. There in his sight, is the banquet hall. Rumour has it that it could hold over 9000 people, yet most people didn’t believe that. However, the smell of hot roast pig and soft butter wheat
bread made the knights mouth water. He wanted to stop and eat, but he had more important matters then eating. Still, he hadn’t eaten in many days, ever since he got the leather bag. Unfortunately, that would have to wait a few more hours. After climbing what seemed like a million more steps, the knight reached the top floor, which included the throne room and the royal bedrooms.

Finally, the knight was in the throne room; the most gorgeous room in the castle. You had gardens growing in the corners, a beautiful fountain that looked like it was magical. At the end of the row, were the thrones of the king, queen, and princess. Only the king was present at the time. The knight lay before the king and spoke:

“My dear king,” the knight started. “I have found a bag full of a substance I don’t know of. I have come to get it examined.”

“Very well. Let me have a look at it.” The old king croaked.

The knight gave the leather bag to a servant, and then the servant gave it to the king. The king opened up the bag and found a rock-like substance. The king gave it a smell. Then, it happened. The king’s body suddenly went rigid. He started to shake. The entire burst into screams as the king fell of his throne. He landed on the floor with a thud.

Everyone in the room was screaming their heads off. “Get a doctor!” some yelled.
“Help! He’s dying!!” others cried. They were making so much noise that the queen rushed out of her quarters. She put her hands to her lips, and gave out an ear-piercing scream. The princess then ran out as well, but she ran out the door and down the stairs. The queen was outraged.
“He killed my husband,” she cried. “He killed the king. Get him!!!”

Surprised at these accusations, the knight ran out the door, and down the stairs; the guards at his heels. Arrows started flying, and they almost hit his head. Then, he reached the banquet hall once more and after he passed the doorway,
the tall banquet hall doors swung wide open, blocking off the guards from chasing the knight. The knight used this opportunity to get away faster.

A few minutes later, the knight reached the stables once more. He got on his horse, his super fast prized horse, “Stumpy”. He headed for the drawbridge. It began to rise. But, did that stop the knight? Not a chance. He urged Stumpy to go at full speed, and so he did. They jumped off the edge of the drawbridge, barely making the jump. After almost landing in the river, the two of them set off into the deep green forest. However, the attacks didn’t stop there.

Cannons began to fire all around. It seemed like it was coming from all around the forest; all aimed at one spot: them. After dodging many cannonballs, one of them landed right behind the horse. It sent the horse and the knight flying into the air. All they could see after was complete darkness.


The knight hardly remembered anything from that night, only fragments of it. When he woke up, he had a wet cloth on his forehead and was lying on a bed made of grasses and leaves. The sun was starting to set, so the knight assumed it was late afternoon. Looking right, he could see the forest, full of life with animals and nature going about its daily routine. Looking left…….

All he could see was a girl. But it wasn’t just any girl. It had to be the most beautiful girl in the entire world. The knight thought at first that she was a goddess. Not just any goddess. According to Greek mythology, she must have been Aphrodite.

“I see you’re awake” said the girl. “Enjoy your sleep?”

“Quite” the knight replied. “And who, might I ask, are you?”

“My name is Arianna. I’m surprised you don’t recognize me”

The knight thought long and hard. It did look familiar. Then he remembered.

“You’re the princess!!! Oh my!! Pleased to meet you, m’lady. What are you doing out here?”

“I needed father’s death as an excuse to run away,” she said. “You see, my father was an evil man, but no one really saw it but me. He was plotting to take over the world, but his plan changed and he decided to take over the entire area. I was the one who gave you the bag in the village. I wanted you to give it to the king, so it would kill him before he would be overlord.”

“Wow” said the knight. “Well, he is dead now; we don’t got to worry about him anymore.”

“Excuse me miss,” whispered the knight. “Did anyone tell you how beautiful you are?”

“No, not really” said the princess.

The knight then kissed Princess Arianna. She didn’t complain. She enjoyed it. True love, forever and ever.


By Jim Christian Axinto
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Name: Fiza 14th April 2013
long story. nice picture of the castle.
Name: Laura Neame 10th February 2013

i think that you shdnt kill the king
Name: Kirsty 6th February 2013
awsom story i love it hope it goes on the website it helped me with my homework lol
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