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The Strange World

A myth submitted to the site by Jt Gibson

New Rome, Boston, New York, The Underworld, Mt. Olympus, United States, America

A Strange World
By; Joseph Gibson

How it all started
Their once was a boy whose name was Conner. Conner had a mom whose name was Mary. Mary took care of Conner by herself. Conner’s dad was lost at sea when he was two (well so he thinks). Conner went to a school called titian academy. It was a school for troubled and bad kids. Conner was bipolar and a.d.d. You could tell because one day changed his whole life forever.

Chp.1 The school mayhem
The day started in homeroom where a kid named Brian was making fun of Conner and telling him that “his dad doesn’t love Conner.” Conner was mad but he held back his anger. He was mad and upset at the same time. Next period they went to gym where they played dodge ball. Conner got crushed but at the end someone shot a flaming cannon ball at Conner. Conner dodged it thinking it was a dodge ball. He noticed it wasn’t a dodge ball after the whole school started to catch on fire. Then their went another cannonball but this time a non-flamed one. The cannonball put a whole through the wall. All Conner could hear was the echo of kids screaming and trying to get out in one piece. Conner was scared to death when he noticed that Brian was A ugly type of giant. Brian shot anther cannonball at Conner but Conner dodged and ran for the hole in the wall with his best friend Eric right next to him.

Chp.2 The Moment When Giants Are Chasing You Down A Street
Next time you escape from a whole in a wall try to hide. When we got out of the school giants were chasing us down a street. Eric told me to take a right go straight and take another right and we would be safe. I followed what he told me and it led me to a camp called camp powers. Eric told me that no monster could go past the lines of the boundary. I didn’t know what he meant by monster at that time, but I was ready to get away from whatever was chasing me. When we went into the camp the monster ran away as soon as we crossed the boundaries. Before the monster ran he shot some type of poison at me, which knocked me out.

Chp.3 The Unusual Awakening
After I got shot by poison I passed out. When I woke up Eric was in a weird form of a goat and a human. I asked Eric “Why are you half boy and half creature, And his response was “He was A satyr, like the one in the Greek myth of Satyr and Silenius. You should of saw my face.
I asked Eric “all that time was I was getting told Greek Mythology was fake it was really real”, and he said “now Conner you can’t tell anybody about this and if you do you betray the rules of Camp Powers and you will be thrown in the pit of tartarus”.
I told Eric that I promise I won’t tell any mortal. After that conversation Eric showed me around Camp Power. It was so cool it had a lot of features to it like a huge forest and a lot of trees and flowers. It looked so sweet. First he showed me around the cabins there was a cabin for all 22 Greek minor and major gods and goddesses. The 22 Greek minor and major gods and goddesses are Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus, Erinyes, Eris, Eros, Moirai, Charites, Helios, Horia, Pan, and Tyche. These 22 Gods and Goddesses all have roles.

Eric told me that I would be staying in the Tyche cabin tell I get claimed by my godly parent. Then he showed me where the Tyche cabin is. When I walked in the Tyche cabin it was packed with a whole bunch of kids who haven’t been claimed by their godly parent. When I saw all those kids in Tyche’s cabin I guessed I wasn’t ever going to get claimed by my dad, well at least I thought.

Chp.4 Dinner with a whole bunch of demigods and creatures
I was picking my weapon when a bell rung over the camp and then a voice saying 20 minutes until dinner. There was a whole bunch of weapons to pick from but there was only one I like and it was called xipos. Xipos was a dagger used by Hades. After Conner was done picking out a weapon he and Eric went to the dinner room and had dinner with all the other demigods and leaders at camp power. A girl named Claire who was daughter of Ares tried to hit Conner and Conner dodged and shot fire out of his hands. Everyone was in surprise and the leader Chiron made an announcement that Conner was the son of Hades, Greek god of the Underworld. Conner was surprised because he hated meanness and bullies. That night Conner couldn’t sleep he felt like his dad was staring at him through the statue in Hades cabin. An hour later he went to bed and the day ended.

Chp.5 The Next Morning
The next morning Conner woke up by Eric banging on the door. By the time Conner got dressed and woke completely up he had to go to weapon training. Conner sparred against his new friend Franklin. Franklin was the son of the Greek Goddess Athena. Athena was the Greek goddess of battle strategies and wisdom. Franklin knew so much about sword and dagger fighting. He was an expert at battle strategies and weak points in a person’s body.

After training I went to my Pegasus riding with Bella. Bella was the daughter of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the Goddess of beauty. Bella forced me to ride on the Pegasus Homer. Homer loved cheese. Bella told me “to be careful because I’m flying in my Uncle Zeus domain”. My uncle Zeus is the Greek god of the sky and lightning. After I got done Pegasus riding I went swimming in the pond it was really fun. Water and I didn’t like each other. Every time I got in the ocean I almost drown because the waves are too strong.

Since I discovered this camp, things are making sense to me like the water thing and my uncles don’t like my dad like old Greek myths. My other uncle is Poseidon Greek god of water and ocean. After I got done swimming I met up with Eric. This time Eric was disguised as a human. I asked Eric “Why aren’t you in your half goat half human form?” And he said “Because I have very bad news”. I asked him what the bad news was, and he said “Just go see charon and he will explain evreything.”

Chp.6 My visit with Charon
When I went to the big house I saw Charon sitting with are director of camp Mr.T. Mr.T’s real name is Theasus like in the old greek myths I learned in my u.s history classes last year. Charon told me that I needed to go see the Oracle of Delpha. The Oracle of Delpha was an old woman in Greek that told prophicies about your quest. He also told me that in 2 years the Kronos the leader of the titians will reform hisself and rise out of the deepest part of the underworld, Tartus.
I asked him “how could we stop him?”
Charon said “there is only one way and that is to train till the day he rises.”
After my talk with Charon I went to go see the Oracle of Delpha to hear my prophecy. The Oracle told me my prophecy was “Three half-bloods will answer the call, to save the world or all will fall, you will find out about the cursed sword, to decide the fate, or you will lose the one who calls you love.”
When I got outside charon asked me what all the Oracle of Delpha said and I told him evreything she told me, ecexpt for the part where I would loose the one that calls me love. He looked surprise when I told him the prophecy. He told me to go find two more halfbloods and a saytr to go on the quest to learn more about when and other things about the situation of kronos rising.

Chp.7 The Hard Decison
Charon told me I had to pick two more halfbloods and a saytr to go on a quest with me. I choose Eric as my saytr because he was my best friend. I also picked my friend Chance as one of the halfbloods to go with me on my quest. Chance was the son of Zeus the lightning and sky god. My other decision was harder I had to pick from my friend Franklin or Bella. Franklin was the son of Greek goddess Athena so he was really wise and knew battle strategies, while Bella was the daughter of Greek goddess Aphrodite so she had charmspeak and beauty on her side. After a while I choose Franklin. I told Bella “sorry and I will take you on whatever quest I have next”. She said it was okay and she said she will be glad to go on a quest with me.

Chp.8 The last night before the big quest
That night after dinner I went back to my scary cabin and started packing. After I got done packing I went to sleep. That night I had horrible vison about my dad and Kronos trying to talk to me through the pit of Tartuas. Kronos told me that he was rising faster than you think and he’ll be after my dad and the other gods and goddesses. He also told me that he would destroy mt. olympus and regain his spot on the thrown, and that there will be a bigger threat coming to the gods and goddesses than him, and they will never defeat the titians without having the help of the darkness shadows.

After that I woke up instantly and wondered what and who were the Darkness Shadows. It was now six in the morning and I walked out of the cabin with my stuff packed to meet my friends and charon at the big house. Before we left for our quest charon gave me 200 dollars and 50 drachini.

Chp.9 That moment when you might be saying good bye to Camp Power
When we left Camp Power evreyone was cheering and telling us that we better come back in one piece, but I had this feeling that were going to have trouble with that. We were all prepared. Franklin had his magical sword riptide which first looks like a ballpoint pen, but when you uncap the pen it turns into a magical celestial bronze sword. Chance had a dagger which was used by the great hero Persus Jackson. Eric had his wooden club given to him by the great god of the wild himself, Pan. While I had my dagger Xipos, Once used by my dad Hades.

When we arrived into Brooklen we boarded a train to Boston. It took a day to get to boston but we finnaly arrived. Charon told me before I left “when you get to Boston find the Greek goddess of revenge nemisis.” He also said that she would be disguised as a female biker with pacman wheels on her bike, and she would be located at the bikers club on 330 Boston street. Also when we find her tell her that we are halfbloods from Camp Power that got sent by charon to see what you know about the rise of Kronos. When we arrived at 330 Boston Street we saw the Goddess and her weird looking Harley Davidson. At first from Conners point of view he thought it was his 6th grade teacher Ms.Leven. He thought to himself “how can this old hag still be alive”. He screamed “you evil witch, how are you still alive?”
She said “so Conner who do I look like?”, and Conner replied “Like my evil sixth grade teacher, who told me my dad is dead.”
And she said “Good, now Franklin O’Conner, what do I look like to you”, and he replied “Like my aunt Gina who kidnapped me and made me sleep with snakes.”
Evreyone looked angry until Nemises turned back to her regular form. She looked so beautiful with her dark brown hair and her snakes on her sheild she held.

Chp.10 The Beautiful Goddess Of Revenge
I couldn’t let her beauty distract me. I was here on a quest that could save or destroy the Halfblood and immortal gods and goddesses humanitys. We all also knew not to tick her off because she is the Goddess of Revenge and she might have some tricks up her sleeve. We asked the goddess if she knew anything about the lord of the titians Kronos, And she replied “yes”. She told us that Kronos couldn’t rise in his own body because Zeus sliced him up in a million pieces and threw him in the pit of tartuas. Then Eric asked “how can he rise if he doesn’t have a body”, then the goddess replied “he can use other peoples body and control them to do as he says.”
“But who would let him control their body for evil”, Eric replied.
Then the goddess replied “a spy or someone who is against the gods and goddesses”, then Nemises dissapered.

Well I guess that was it but the next step was to travel to New Rome to find the halfblood Kameron. Charon told us that we needed to make peace with romans so they will help us defeat Kronos. He also told us that Kameron was the son of the Roman god of Pluto witch means he’s my half brother from the roman side. Pluto is the Roman form of the Greek god Hades. So I guess at the end of the trip I will have another family that I didn’t know about!

By Jt Gibson
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