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The Legend of Tohmas Burdy

A myth submitted to the site by Scary Monster

Wingate, England

Tohmas lay by the stream wistfuly
“Will those mean bullies come back“ He sighed loudly as the breeze slowly reached his flowing hair. Suddenly the breeze stopped as Tommies heart raced. Two silluets apeard onto the golden horizen.Tommy hid beneath the bush but he knew that wasn't going to hold them. The two boys scanned there eyes around the pond like a hawk and it`s prey.Tommy trembeld with fear as the two boys strutted slowly towards him. After a while all the noise dissapeard. Thinking they had left, Tohmas carfuly opend the bushes ivy leaves and headed of home.

Out of nowere the biggest boy lept out from behind the tree. He grabbed Tohmas by the neck and lunged him into the lake. After the splash there was no noise. No wittneses. A breeze struck the boys as they stared into the deep silance “Let's go it`s getting cold“ the smaller one cackled.

Once all was desserted. And the only noise was the quiet russeling of the trees. In a distance stood a pale girl in a short white dress with her neck tilted in the forest staring at the lake. The young girl pulled Tohmas out of the Lake. Even though Tohmas was uncontius the girl made a deal with him to run away from his reaper. Tohmas immidiatly woke and coughed water out of his shaking mouth.
"Join me" she asked "Join me and get revenge." Tohmas agrees.

The next day the 2 boys visited the lake to there suprise when Nathen(the oldest) knelt down in the water. Tohmas sucked him right down. Edward did to in worry. Suck. Well the boys were gone. Soon Tohmas fell in love with the girl (Audrithy) and had 2 children Don. And Luisa. Turns out
Audrithy was a gohst. LEDGEND has it that's what started the generation of water gohsts.

By Scary Monster
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