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The Vamdratour

A myth submitted to the site by Mert Guven

Athens, Greece

Long ago in a village called Athens, near Greece. At the Athens everyone had a job and they were living happily.
But one day a giant monster came and destroyed everywhere. The giant was called Vamdratour. The Vamdratour had horns like a Minotaur, it had huge wings like a dragon it could throw flames of fire and it could fly like a vampire bat and it was thirsty for blood. That’s why it was called the Vamdratour. It terrified everyone.

But except one, the one who wasn’t scared was Sparkus. Sparkus was the most powerful hero in Athens. The thing that the Vamdratour was actually planning to do was that he wanted to make the citizens his servants. And when Sparkus heard that he went to his cave and took his golden shiny sword ran to save the Athens.

In the Athens he realized that the Vamdratour was destroying everywhere. Then the Vamdratour realized that Sparkus was coming to kill him. Then the Vamdratour started to throw flames of fire but Sparkus ignored the flames of fire with his shiny golden sword. And then the Vamdratour got much angrier and he started to throw triple flames of fire but Sparkus ignored that as well. Then the Vamdratour got angrier and he hit Sparkus on the head with his powerful horns and then Sparkus fall down and his head started to bleed. Then Sparkus said “I’m going to kill this monster even if I die” he said.

Then they both got angrier and they started to fight. In the middle of the fight Sparkus cut the Vamdratour in half and the Vamdratour died. Then he shouted “The great city of Athens is now saved” he shouted. Then all the citizens cheered up and they lived happily forever with their powerful king Sparkus.

By Mert Guven
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