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The Minotaur army

A myth submitted to the site by Kane Dolan

Midus, Greece

The fog moved in. The sun shone brightly above the heads of the Minotaurs. the beast, waiting for the flesh of the humans,however the men stood behind the wall, shaking with anxiety. The hooves clattered on the floor like raindrops hitting a roof. The Minotaurs moved forward under command of the one Minotaur that was trapped in the darkness of the labyrinth. The men unsheathed their swords as the spears pointed towards the creatures. The wall they were standing behind separated fear and confidence, this was it, this was war, there was no escaping. The Minotaurs sprinted straight towards the wall. As they jumped up and grabbed on, the men screamed "fall back!" Before they could the Minotaurs were already over the wall.

The men tried to run, but the Minotaurs destroyed a quarter of the army. The most powerful man, the leader, the king of Midus, ran towards them. He twisted and turned between the gaps of the Minotaur army. Severing heads with every stroke of his blade, leaving a trail of crimson behind him. It seemed like he killed so many of the Minotaurs; however he didn't. Men drifted through the wind like plastic bags, they were being hurled by the beasts. The Minotaurs moved in by the hundreds, there was no chance of ever surviving against such creatures. The king of Midus was still determined to give his city a chance of living. Suddenly, the king's vision was blury, he had been punched by Minotaur. He found it hard to breath, with his hands pressed against the floor, he tried to get back up, to fight for freedom and justice, now his determination was destroyed in the flames of revolution.

He got up, holding his side, but still slaying Minotaurs by his every step. He dropped to his knees, then fell face first into the sand, the Minotaurs took the king's life.The men of the city had no hope without there king, suddenly their surroundings started to crumble, it was over, the Minotaurs got into the city. The crashing of buildings were the only thing that could be heard over the screams of the men and the sound of bones crunching. Fear made a home in their hearts. The men stood their ground. They were being slain by the second. The whole army were slain. They tried to fight for the justice of their city, but they could not handle such creatures. The city of Midus was ruled by the Minotaurs for hundreds of years.

The king and his men will always be remembered, they are the legends of Midus. There fight for freedom was not successful, however, the memory of them will never be forggoten

Made by
Kane Dolan

By Kane Dolan
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