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The Big Bad Troll

A myth submitted to the site by Flowina

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

There was once a big, bad troll that lived in the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. This is a description of him green skin, bogeys hanging from his big warty nose and his eyes had swelled up like big ballons so you could hardly see his face!

Now one morning under the warm summers sun there was a cottage and in that cottage there was a girl called Esmerelda, she was a gypsy and not many people liked her.It happened to be Esmereldas 14th birthday on that warm summers day. Just befor she sat down to open her presents ,she heard a loud groaning sound coming from the Great Barrier Reef that was just near her house. She lived alone with her mother and Father and she went and said to her mother,"Mum I heard a groan coming from the big ocean.What do you think it was?".
Her mother instantly replied ,"Do not speak of that."
"But Mum,"
"ESMERELDA!" her mother cried.
She looked down and opened her presents, the whole while she was thinking about the noise that she had heard that morning.

Just before the sunset of the next morning Esmerelda went out for a walk round the great ocean. As she walked round the side she heard a groaning sound just like the one she had heard yesterday morning. Out of the river there came a giant troll Esmerelda screamed with rage and fright all at the same time. Then Esmerelda told the troll of her life then the troll told Esmerelda of his life and in the end Esmerelda decided she wanted to live with the water troll.

So the troll , whos name we think was Barry, sprinkled Esmerelda with what looked like watery snow and pulled her undre the water and there she stayed happy ,never to been seen again ! So if you ever visit the Great Barrier Reef just listen and you can still hear the troll groaning and Esmerelda giggling down in the depths of the great ocean!!!

By Flowina
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