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The Death of Withertooth

A myth submitted to the site by Mackenzie Merrill

Village and Magical Forest, Egypt

Once, long ago in ancient Egypt, there was a magical forest. Deep within this forest lay a terrible, horrifying, deadly beast. A beast like you would never imagine. It had the head of a deadly dragon and the body of a terrifying snake.

Each night it slithered silently into the village and whilst the children were sleeping. It would slide up to their houses and breathe its horrifying fiery breath on their doors, capture the children and take them back to his lair where he would make them slaves. If they did not do as he wished, he threatened to eat them. The villagers named him “WITHERTOOTH”.

This shocking thing went on for a year until one night Withertooth took a young girl called Ella. She was the friend of a lovely kind girl named Morgana.
Morgana decided that she had to go and slay this terrible beast. She wanted revenge!!! This Withertooth was going to pay!!! Although Morgana was afraid, she found the courage in her heart to go and seek the beast.

The next day, she went to the magical forest to seek the horrible beast Withertooth. She did not know what to do or how she was going to slay something that powerful, because in those days there wasn’t any guns or anything like that.
She wandered through the forest for hours. It was getting dark and she was hungry and thirsty but she couldn’t give up.

All of a sudden a bright light appeared. There stood, a beautiful unicorn. Its mane was pure white. The unicorn spoke to Morgana in a soft and gentle voice. It said “You mustn’t give up Morgana, the children are counting on you. Here is some special magical unicorn dust. Just follow your heart Morgana and you will find the beast’s lair. Sprinkle the magical dust at the entrance and when the beast slithers over it. He will be turned to stone for ever”.

Morgana thanked the unicorn and followed her heart. After walking for another five minutes, she spotted a rocky cave. She thought this must be the place. She went closer and listened. She could hear the children crying inside. She was super frightened, but she knew what she had to do - - - - She took the little bag of unicorn dust and carefully sprinkled it across the entrance to the lair.
Almost immediately, Withertooth appeared. He saw Morgana and he was furious. How dare anyone come to his lair. He chased towards frightened Morgana, who was shaking like mad, he started to breathe fire.

Morgana hoped that the unicorn dust would work. Just when she thought it was too late. He slithered on the dust and immediately turned to stone!! Morgana was so relieved. She ran into the cave and freed the children and returned them safely to their parents. She became a heroine and the story of her bravery has been told for many years and is still being told today.


By Mackenzie Merrill
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Name: Anne 13th March 2014
Name: Clare 6th March 2013
Nice story. I loved it so much!!
Name: Cebo 20th February 2013
It was a very creative story. I think that it had punctuation and every thing a story needs. it was awesome!!!!!
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