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A War

Scene 1
In War by Sea: A Wave is heard.

Soldier 1: I shalt kill thou

Soldier2: Never, I shalt kill thou. Thou art unfit for any place but hell

Edward: Stop!!! Can thou hear that?

Thomas: Yes, we I can, what is it


Edward: We shall find out

Soldier3: We will meet again

Nicholas: What are thou doing, if the King finds out thou are doing things without permission he shall kill

Thomas: We don’t care, thou shouldn’t either we want to be heroes

Edward: Yeah

Nicholas: Thou do what you want but the King will not forgive thou

Edward: We should listen to him

Thomas: Never!!!! If he follows us I shalt kill him with my Steel Sword

Edward: Let’s go then

TO Himself. Nicholas: I have to tell the king no matter what

Nicholas: King George!! Your soldiers are going to Verona

George: Go get them!!

Scene 2
In shock: on way to Verona

Nicholas gets to Verona seeing both Edward and Thomas.

Nicholas: Run further, the King knows where thou are

Thomas: I got ready for this fight, c’mon

Nicholas: Thou got it all wrong but if thou want to fight me, let’s fight

Nicholas: Ahhhh! Ah thou killed me thou shalt pay

Edward: Thou errant full-gorged devil-mon!

Thomas: I had to; he would not mind his own business

Edward: We have to run before the King finds us

Thomas: We shalt sleep til dawn

Scene 3
1 ghost: the dreams
Thomas and Edward sleep til dawn in Verona.


Ghost of the Tudors: Thomas, Thomas why did thou kill messenger Nicholas

Thomas: huh! What, I’m hearing things

Ghost of the Tudors: No your not

Thomas: ah! I, I see a ghost

Ghost of the Tudors: Why did thou kill Nicholas?

Thomas: He did not mind his own business

Ghost of the Tudors: Thou have no right to kill him

Thomas: I have done the right thing

Ghost of the Tudors: No Thomas, thou have done the wrong thing

Thomas: True and I am very sorry that I killed him but how will I get away from the King

Ghost of the Tudors: Take the route to Mongania, the muddy route

Thomas: thank thou. What about Edward though

Ghost of the Tudors: He will have to stay behind and die like Nicholas

Thomas: No, I will never let that happen

Ghost of the Tudors: Then thou stay behind and Ed will go

Thomas: I’ll do it for my mate


Scene 4
Leaving; Edward
Thomas wakes up at dawn and thinks about his death.

Thomas: I’m gonna save Edward no matter what

Edward: Who are thou talking to?

Thomas: Anyway, Thou have to run away with out me

Edward: Why

Thomas: Just go I can’t tell thou

Edward: I need to know

Thomas: Only 1 person can go to Mongania a century. So go

Edward: Ok, but how

Thomas: Take the muddy path to Mongania

Edward: Ok, bye my friend

Scene 5
Wave in Mongania: Edward
Edward walks to Mongania and sees a massive wave coming at him.

Edward: Can thou see that

Local citizen: It a wave ahhhhhhhhh! Helpppppp

Edward: Run for it

Local citizen or john: Ok runnnnnnn!!!

Edward: Goodbye, John

And the wave crashed on them.

Scene 6
Death: Thomas

Thomas waited and waited to be killed by the king. After a fortnight they appeared.

George: You will regret what thou did to me

His head was chopped off and was put on the London bridge

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