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Sherylena and the Scake

Crete, Greece

Many years ago in the island of Crete there was a young woman called Sherylena she lived at home with her son Polydemus, he had great hopes and dreams he wanted to be the king but wouldn't want to fight for the crown with king Polydectes. The king was very helpful to the young Polydemus.

The next day the sun was shining and the birds were chirping Polydemus took advantage of the fine whether he had a walk down by the riverside but terribly the young man got trampled on by a bunch of horses and got threw into the river. A few hours later all Sherylena was worrying about her young prince then the king's messenger came racing in and said "Sherylena your son is in the river we need your help to get him out"

So they both rushed out and went to help defenceless Polydemus once they him out of the river they all hoist his body up on the hospital bed. Sherylena ran out and the king followed she said she was going on a quest to save her son she was going to get the blood of the hideous beast the scake. Now the scake is a terrifying beast with the poisonous fangs of a viper, the horrifying grip of a anaconda, the venomous needle like tail that can squirt venom over a mile away but the blood is a heavenly medicine with special healing powers that can heal anyone who drinks.

At the bottom of the mountain where the scake lived there was a mysterious shadow that looked like an eagle. No it was the all mighty all powerful Zeus and his wife Hera coming down before the young woman and gave her a sword that will shine when a beast is near and a shield that she will never loose. Then they disappeared into the fog up above in the sky.

Sherylena started to climb about half way there was a cave she decided to sleep there for the night. The next day she was there and was climbing as hard as she could and as she did that she was chanting saying 'I will save my son, I will save my son' until she got to the top she didn't stop saying it but then at the top of the top of the mountain there standing in front of her was the terrible beast, the scake, and a dragon was flying over and landed right next to the scake. Then she realised it was the mix of the dragon and the scake blood mixed together to make the healing drink.

Then she pulled out her sword and slashed off both of the beast's heads mixed the blood and scurried back down the mountain with the head on her back. She rushed back to the palace and saved her son her and the king got married and they all lived happily ever after.

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