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The Punishment Of Acorns

A myth submitted to the site by Rhys Lang

Athens, Greece, England

Many years ago, the mighty God, Zeus, was angry. He had seen humans mocking he and his fellow Gods and Goddesses, and he could not stand it. Therefore, as punishment, with the help of the other Gods, he made it rain unbelievably heavily. But this failed, as it grew the humans' crops quickly, which was good, because the humans were running low on food.

Zeus was getting furious now. Next, whilst the humans were enjoying their food, Zeus made it rain again, but with ice this time. Again, the humans were not bothered - they may not have good shelter, but it was fine for defending against ice. This was too much for Zeus.

He tried one more time though, with acorns. This was too hard on the shelters for the humans, but most of the land was soil, for the crops. This meant the acorns fell straight into the soil. Zeus was getting happy. Then, he resumed normal weather, and when he made it rain again, he had forgotten all about the acorns, and the acorns grew.

Out of the soil appeared little green leaves. Then, a leaf grew more leaves attached to it, and were floating in the air on brown stalks. All of the other leaves had done this as well, and on the stalks, tiny stalks came out. The humans were scared. First ice, then acorns, now strange brown stalks with leaves on top - what next?! Then, from the heavens, the humans heard Zeus. "These are trees," boomed Zeus, "Take care of them." The humans were delighted, and no longer mocked the Gods and Goddesses but messed about around Zeus' trees. This satisfied the Zeus deeply. And so, everyone got what they wanted.

By Rhys Lang
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