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The Unicorn

A myth submitted to the site by Holly Allan

Forest , Scotland

This story is about a unicorn called Glitter , she is white with a pink horn,gold glitter all over her . She roams the forest day and night . Somebody is out to hunt her down . One day she is eating a patch of grass when she hears the sound of shouting.
'' Kill the beast '' shouted the voice . Glitter looked all around , the shouting grew nearer and stronger by the seconds . Glitter galloped and galloped , as she was galloping she falls to the ground . What she triped over was a trap . Everything went black . She opened her eyes to find herself in a cozy warm stable . She heard a humming noise.
'' Hello , unicorn '' smiled the noise . It was a little girl named Sally . Sally helped Glitter up.
'' You are safe hear '' said Sally . What the girl did not know was that glitter could talk .
''Thank you '' talked glitter
''you can talk '' mumbled Sally
''yes I can , my name is Glitter , I am a unicorn '' blinked glitter . Glitter told Sally all about the hunters. Sally asked her father if Glitter could stay and he said yes . But only till she is better and healthy again .

Glitter became happy and healthy . So Sally and her father let her free . Sally was in tears , but she under stood that Glitter had to go. Glitter and Sally said there goodbyes to each other. Off went Glitter galloping over the hills . The hunters got taken away and put into jail . Glitter had nothing to worry about ever agin . Sally missed Glitter very much and glitter missed Sally very much . But Sally was still in glitters heart and glitter was still in sallys heart .
The end

By Holly Allan
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