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How The Earth Formed

A myth submitted to the site by Mikolaj Konieczny

There was once a giant called Ballock. Ballock was a big,enormous and rocky giant who had an obsession over a bouncy ball. Ballock everyday would have played with his bouncy ball and kicked it high up into the sky. Everyday his kicks grew stronger and stronger until one day, the bouncy ball, flew high up in the sky and it even didn't come back to the stone giant.

The bouncy ball's crust froze in outer space and when the sun formed, the crust melted, forming the oceans, and the seas. Ballock was outraged and he threw lots of other rocky balls to bring the ball down. The rocks crashed into the ball and that's how the volcanoes formed.

After that, he broke off a part of him and covered his leg in soil and threw it as hard as he could up into space and it landed with a crash on the bouncy ball. The rock and soil stuck to the bouncy ball and bits of it broke off and that's how continents and islands formed. The ball shook and was about to fall down, but before it landed in the giant's hands the bouncy ball went into orbit around the sun, and from now on Ballock throws rocks into Earth ( called asteroids ) but fortunately he fails as the rocks only come close.....

By Mikolaj Konieczny
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