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Bobydob and The Fia Mór

A myth submitted to the site by Fionn Sheridan


A long time ago in Ireland there once was a man called Bobydob. He was the best young hunter in Ireland.

One morning when he was getting ready for a days hunting an old man with a walking stick opened the door of Bobydob's hut. "Sir your father has just been murdered" exclaimed the old man. Bobydob was in a state of shock.
"By who" asked Bobydob angrily.
"He was killed by the ferocious Fia Mór" answered the old man. "Where is this Fia Mór and I will slay it" asked Bobydob.
"It is on the edge of the forest" answered the old man.
"Very well then I must be off" and with that Bobydob took off.

When he got there he noticed tracks of deer. He started following the trail deeper and deeper into the forest until he seen the Fia Mór. It's eyes were as red and as round as sliotars. It had sharp teeth over crowding it's mouth and had huge antlers but worst of all it was the size of a horse.

Bobydob came charging at it with his sword but the Fia Mór disarmed Bobydob with his antlers. The Fia Mór pinned him to the ground and there no hope for Bobydob when suddenly he grabbed the rock and hit the Fia Mór in the head. The Fia Mór dropped to the ground dead.

By Fionn Sheridan
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