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The Comb of Helen

A myth submitted to the site by Beth Stewart

"More. I want more posessions" bellowed Queen Helen smashing an ancient Chinese cup on the ground.
"But there is nothing more to give you"protested O'Brien the faithful servant.
"do proceed on finding treasures for me"Queen Helen said in her exquisite dress.
"But your Majesty..."cried O'Brien raising his voice but then lowering it seeing Queen Helens wicked eyes.
"But'' will not be tolerated in these grounds. off with your head!" croaked Helen.
"I" pleaded O'Brien being carried away.

"Fitzgerald,what valuebles are next on the list?" questioned Queen Helen. Just then Fitzgerald, another servant, came stumbling into the hall enterance.
"well there is one. A comb. but there is a curse that who ever lays their fingers on it they..."
This made Helen go ballistic. "Then go! Get that comb and bring it back to me" she squawked. Fitzgerald took a step back.
"Fine, I'll go" Queen Hele said reluctantly.
"I forbid you" Fitzgerald said.
"No one tells me what to do. Send him to the dungoen!" roared Queen Helen.

The next day at high noon Helen set out to find the comb with her trusty sword by her side. She toiled from dawn till dusk in search for the comb then finally she found the magnificent comb on the top of an Ox mountain. Queen Helen greedly snatched the comb not thinking of what Fitzgerald told her. Queen Helen was never seen again after that.

Legend has it that you can see Helen's ghost searching for the comb on or near the Ox mountains on misty nights.

By Beth Stewart
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