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Tír na éan

A myth submitted to the site by Elina Matvejeva

, Ireland

Long ago,in Japan,there lived a beautiful girl Rackimao.She lived with her father at the side of the field.Every day she went to the forest to collect berries.

In the afternoon Rackimao skipped to the forest to get the beries her and her dad love.Her basket was half full when she saw a young lad.He had golden hair and was riding a white horse,his name was Saka.

She never saw him here before but she wasn't surprised because there are more and more people coming to Japan each day.She welcomed him but he didn't answer.A bird sat on his shoulder and started singing.

Rackimao thought he was from another country and could not understand her.She gave him a red berry and told him to eat it.He ate the tummy-rumbling berry and he was over joy.
"Thank you" spoke Saka."Oh,thank ,wait so you CAN speak".saka told her he can speak but he is not from Japan. Saka is from Tír na éan. Saka went went over to the river. Rackimao was very interested in where he was going,so she followed him. There was a little,brown,wooden boat waiting for Saka.He jumped in and asked Rackimao if she would like to come with him. She agreed and jumped into the boat.She hadn't a clue on where they were going.After two hours they suddenlt stoped and arrived at a little island.Rackimao was never here before and was stunned.

Everyone at the land welcomed her and asked if she was hungry.Rackimaa had no comment,she just stood there like a statue. After a while Rackimao and Saka went to the holy tree they all love and hannore ,and there on the bark of the tree was hanging a picture.
"Is that my father?" she asked in a shocked tone. Saka explained that couldn't posibly be him because he died and was burie under tree.S aka told her that that was the king or hero of Tír na éan for killing the beast .
"Hug the tree and say these words.... taking turns to carry a tree,a few people asked why a tree? I will never give up, let the bird, let the bird "told Saka"if you want one of us".Rackimao hugged the tree and did as she was told.

The next morning Rackimao woke up.Everyone was still sleeping. She went over to the tree they were at yesterday and stared at the picture,after time she felt her body rise into the sky.She saw feathers falling and she had beautiful wings instead of hands."What has happened!"she shouted to the people down below."you are now one of us!" Rackimao went flying home when she landed her wings disappered and she went in and told her father and told about Saka and Tír na éan. She saw her dad running out the door."Wait,dad,wait"she cried,but he flew into the sky and told her"You are now one of us".

By Elina Matvejeva
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