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The Tale of Atlantis

Long, long ago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there was an island called Atlantis. Atlantis was full of gold and temples. Only the wisest people could live in Atlantis because it was so beautiful. In one of the temples in Atlantis there was a man called Steve. Steve had brown mop top and wears a blue robe. He has a small, green seahorse called rodeo that lives in a massive tank in the wall. Sometimes Atlantis would shake because there is a giant jellyfish holding Atlantis above water. A stone serpent would bash against the jellyfish causing the island to shake.

On its tail there was a boulder so it could do total damage to anything, especially giant jellyfish that hold up islands with millions of people on. Everyone on island knew that one day the island would sink and they would all die but they dared not tell their children. Nobody knew how to swim because the only water to swim in is the sea and if they went in the sea they would get devoured by the stone serpent.

One day Steve was cooking his dinner in his temple. Boom! Rumble! Crash! The island shook like never before and that wasn’t a good sign. He knew what had happened and so did everyone else on the island. He decided that he would go and kill the serpent of stone. Steve grabbed his diamond sword and put on his diamond armour. He thought to himself “Today is the day the stone serpent falls!”

Steve ran down the pier and jumped of the end into the water. Swiftly, he swam down to the cave on the Ocean floor where the serpent of stone lived. In the cave there was an odd green glow making light. When Steve got into the cave he saw that the glow was coming from emeralds in the walls. Suddenly Steve got hit right out of the cave by a boulder. His back was bleeding because of the boulder-on the stone serpents tail. He threw his sword at the serpent but the serpent hit the sword back. It went through Steve and into the jellyfish that held up Atlantis. After taking its final wounds, the jellyfish died and Atlantis began to sink.

The jellyfish hit the Ocean floor and killed the stone serpent by crushing it. Everyone drowned but one thing was alive and that thing was- Rodeo the seahorse. He was the only one that could breath under water.

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