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The Legend Of Herobrine

Gibbly, Unknown area

"Defuse the fire!" Shouted Felicity, a young 7 year old girl. "RUN FELICITY RUN!" Shouted her mother, Kimberley. Her father had already died, while trying to defuse the fire, his name was Herobrine. After a long try of getting rid of the fire, her mother was killed...

Felicity was left alone,so she ran out of the house, crying her blood-red eyes out. She then came across a small town, right in front of her. There was then a big FLASH! right before her eyes. She screamed and ran away, she then went around a narrow corner, and saw, in the distance, an enormous forest, loaded with stretched, green trees.

She walked towards the forest, and found a nearby cave, she then fell over a human skull. CRACK! She twisted her ankle, and broke her bone, she was then, left wondering why there was a skull on the ground... She picked herself up, steadily, and limped towards the cave.

Felicity went inside the cave, and saw a white, shadowy figure. She looked closely at the figure,and then saw to her surprise that it was her dad, (Herobrine)
"Dad, is that you?" Felicity asked, feeling terrified.
"If you come any closer, you will turn out like me..." Herobrine answered.
"But Dad" she said crying.
"Do you really want to turn out like me...?" Herobrine roared.
"I regret coming in here" Felicity said to herself.
"What did you say to me?" Herobrine ordered.
"Nothing" answered Felicity. Herobrine then grabbed her by the hair, and lifted her up.
"If you don't answer me properly again, you will not go home, and you will die here with me" Herobrine said to Felicity.
"What happened to you dad?" Asked Felicity.
"I am not your father, and I never was" Answered Herobrine. He then put Felicity down, kicked her out, and vanished.

A few days later, Felicity was out hunting for some food, because without her home and family, she was poor. She only had one pair of clothes which she had to wash in the filthy, mucky river. She noticed another shadowy figure in the distance, but this time, it was a woman, so Felicity wondered if it was her mother.

She went over to the mysterious woman. "Hello?" She asked. The only reply she got back was, "Run, danger ahead of you, run, danger ahead of you" So, Felicity ran away from the creepy woman, but she ended up back in the cave where she saw Herobrine (her dad)
"Your back?!" Herobrine asked.
"Um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um" Felicity answered. "Considering you have no answer, I may aswell just kill you?" suggested Herobrine.
"Please no...." begged Felicity, but it was too late, Herobrine had already killed the poor young girl.

Then Herobrine went to the mysterious woman again, and the woman asked, "Did you kill her?" And Herobrine answered, "Obviously!" They both looked at each other and said, who's next I wonder?...

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