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The Tale of The Grass Ogre

Long, long ago there was a grassy country called New Zealand, ruled by a terrible Grass Ogre with short, black, curly hair. One day the King and Queen had a baby, which they called Nigel. However one stormy night the Grass Ogre stole Nigel and threw him in a dark, gloomy dungeon for eternity!

30 years passed and Nigel got tired of being locked up. He was 31 tomorrow and he wanted to go outside and explore the world. In dismay he slumped down with his hand in his pocket. All of a sudden, his hand felt something… he pulled it out; it was a coin. Suddenly, out of nowhere he had a brilliant plan to escape. He flipped the coin through the metal bars. CLINCK! CLINCK! CLINCK! The guard went over to see what it was. As quick as a flash, Nigel grabbed the keys from the guards back pocket. He then opened the cage and knocked the guard out cold.

As soon as he stepped out into the open air Nigel heard screaming! He quickly ran to where it was coming from. It was coming from the nearby village! The Ogre had a little baby in his dark, green hands. With that the Ogre angrily grabbed a stick of dynamite and set it alight then threw it at the nearest building. It blew up and sent bits of stone in all directions. As soon as that happened, Nigel cut off the Ogre’s hand. The Ogre dropped the baby in pain! Luckily, Nigel caught the baby and gave it to its parents.

Suddenly, the Ogre’s fat, green hand grew back. Then Nigel remembered that you can only kill a grass Ogre with water. As quickly as possible, Nigel grabbed the nearest hose and water shot all over the Ogre. After 50 seconds the Ogre was the size of a mushroom. Nigel kicked him into the forest and was never seen again...!

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