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The Necklace

Everyone ran, shrieking in horror, trying to defend their treasures and stalls. Even though the streets of London town were usually dull and quiet, at that very moment, silence flew off, not daring to return. Startled, Christa stood up, scanning the village, searching for the cause of this catastrophe.
“Come on, sweetheart, we must go! NOW! Stop daydreaming, come ON!” Yelled Christa’s father, Geoff. His misty brown eyes locked into her confused blue ones, they were like the sky on the most cloudless of summer days.
“But why? What’s happening, daddy? Why is everyone scared?” Questioned Christa, with fat tears trickling down her pale cheeks.
“Something’s... come up my darling. You are too young to know but when you are older and more capable of understanding, I shall tell you. Now, take my hand and follow me.”
Gingerly, Christa took her father’s hand, quivering and trembling...

14 years later, as Christa sipped her milky hot chocolate, a thought appeared in her mind.
“Dad, you know that day, when we were in the village, beside out fruit stall, and everyone was running about, screaming? Remember, you promised me that, when I was older, you would tell me who or what keeps torturing our villagers?” She mumbled.
“Yes, I remember clearly, my love. The time has come for you to know.” His words were whipped off into the wind, as quick as sound. “A...A...A vampire.” He shuddered. “We’ve named her ‘Sharp-fangs’. Sharp-fangs lived in the castle on Mirkwood Mountains.”
“But, Father, why does she steal our things and leave our stalls completely bare?” Squealed Christa.
“I shall tell you the story of how she came to be this way...
Long, long ago, lived two vampires. Up on Mirkwood Mountains was where they lived. Soon, they fell deeply in love. As a result of this, they had a child. They loved her-she was their world. However, one tragic day, the humans came to attack, setting fire to the old house. As quickly as it all began, the house burned down in flames.”
“Then what happened, Father? Go on, say!” Urged Christa.
“I shall tell you more, later. But, right now, we must get on with our chores. Run along, now!”
“Oh, but Father!” Groaned Christa, gazing into her father’s eyes.
But, before her father had any time to speak, Berty the butcher’s boy ran through the door, still clutching the remains of a dead pig.
“Sir! Sharp-fangs is back! She’s taken Edith’s prize winning cabbage! And, do you know what? I reckon she’s close to the necklace! We need to find cover!” He bellowed, precious breath after precious breath.
Without thinking, Christa grabbed her father’s dagger from the shelf and raced outside. Instantly, disgusting grey smoke ran into her mouth and nostrils, choking her so that she coughed and spluttered.
“Christa!” Her dad roared, breaking into a run behind her. Christa, for once, ignored her dad, continuing to sprint towards trouble.

All of a sudden, out of the darkness, a figure with a sleek black cloak and beady, bloodshot eyes loomed out at her. Beads of sweat dripping down onto her mud-brown t-shirt, Christa slowly pulled up the dagger with her right hand, careful not to attract attention to it.
However, just as she was about to conquer this harmful beast, she caught a glimpse, from the very corner of her eye, a tiny emerald necklace, resting on a banana, underneath two bright oranges. She stopped in her tracks. When, all of a sudden, Christa’s foot slipped on a large stone, causing her to fall flat on her bony belly. Her shaking hand let go of the dagger. It flew across the frosty air, spinning. Sharp-fang’s eyes widened and Christa just about fainted. SPLIT! CRACKLE!

The dagger’s point landed with an ear-splitting crack, as it struck the necklace! Making a great mess, it shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. Two things linked together like a jigsaw puzzle in Christa’s brain. How could she not have realised? The necklace must have been given to Sharp-fangs by her dead husband and baby for a birthday or something! She only wrecked their village because she was looking for the lost necklace! It all became clear.

Suddenly, Sharp-fangs made a truly unbearable scream. It could have been heard from MILES! Birds stopped flying, bees stopped stinging and biting, even fairies stopped their magic! But, when Christa wasn’t looking, Sharp-fangs sunk her pointy teeth into Christa’s neck. Oh, what a sight it was. They both roared together, villagers staring, and ran off into the distance...
To this day, the two vampires can still be seen, in the streets of London town, searching for the very same necklace.

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