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A myth submitted to the site by Ellie Connolly

Long long ago, in the ancient times, half way across the world from here. Deep in the ocean in Mermaida was a castle. Under the sea. it was made of invisible cloth and in the huge invisible castle lived a beautiful young mermaid with blond hair and brown eyes. She was so pretty. Jade the mermaid wore starfish earings that talked to her when she was felling sad.

One day when she was felling sad she was talking with her earrings when suddenly she herd a scream so she ran out side to see what it was.
It was a monsterous merman who was eating a mermaid! Suddenly, he turned around and saw Jade watching him so he chased her round and round the ocean until he gave up. Silently, the merman slowly swam into secret passage ways and mermaid after mermaid after mermaid disappeared...

Meanwhile the worn out Jade was thinking in the castle of a cunning and devious plan. So she quickly thought of a plan it was that she would follow him everywhere he went, she would follow him to his house she would follow him to the mermaids houses. One day something extraordinary happened she saw him speak to another merman and they were talking about him being kissed and that would break the spell…

A week later Jade thought that she could kiss him to save everyone so an hour later she looked for him she found him, this is her big moment to save everyone. She swam gingerly up to him and kissed his soft warm cheek then a miracle happened he changed to a handsome young merman. Then they arranged to be married and they lived happily ever after.

By Ellie Connolly
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