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Two Girls and a Witch

Many years back, in Moscow, the capital of Russia, Ehlyac, the witch , was terrorising tourists and the people who call Moscow their home were forced to retreat. However, there was one hope, a young girl called Domeia was going to celebrate her graduation in Moscow with her friend Marina. Domeia was really brave and up for any challange. They lived in France and had no idea of the chaos in Moscow. It was winter when they arrived however, they were not put off. They did not realise the fates that were going to confront them.

Once they were of the plane, they stared round at the snow filled streets. Marina bent down and picked up a piece of wood.
“What is this?”she asked Domeia
“Who cares!”Domeia muttered, darting down the smallest ally she could find. Marina followed obediently, looking out for more clues.
“Dead end,” Domeia called to Marina
“We’re trapped!” Marina squeaked, turning round. There was Ehlyac! Her whole ugly face just inches away from Domeia’s beautiful face. Domeia stood her ground meanwhile, Marina jumped inside the nearest garbage bin. Domeia’s blue eyes fixed Ehlyac’s musty brown ones with a fixing glare. None dared move. The red walls surrounded Domeia so there was no escape. Ehlyac flew back, then disappeared down another ally.

Silently, Domeia tiptoed down the ally.
“Is she still there?” spluttered Marina, hopping out of the garbage bin, covered in garbage.
“No you wimp, however there is an old, thatched cottage, lets go inside!”
Domeia thrust the door open and called into the gloom,
“Any one home?”
“No!!”Shrieked the voice of an old woman. Immediately, Domeia slammed the smooth wooden door so that the beef stroganoff hit the door and not them.
“Please, we need help to find Ehlyac ,”Domeia begged.
“You said ”We” who is the other one?”Queried the old woman, who’s name was called Mellya.
“That’s me, I am Domeia’s friend!” Clarified Marina.
“Be quiet,” Domeia whispered, stamping on Marina’s foot.
Kindly, the old woman let them go in her house. She told them that Ehlyac was once a ruthless, tomboy, princess who’s father trapped in the soul of Ehlyac when she tried to run away.
“You need to go, someone’s coming!” Mellya begged.
“How?” Babbled Marina “They’re coming from the front, we’re trapped!”
“No you’re not, follow me,” Mellya whispered, leading them to a trap door.
“This trap door leads to Dark Moore Forest,” She said, turning round.”Now go!”
The two girls jumped into the hatch and just in time to as, to their horror, Ehlyac pounced upon Mellya. As quick as you say “No!” , Mellya was a stone statue. Both girls lept out of the hatch and found a stone with an inscription that read:
“Morning by night, Night by morning, I want to be free, Not captured,”
“I know what will save Mellya !” Domeia claimed “Water!”
The next minute Mellya was a human again. They showed her the stone.
“Go and put it in the centre of the ring of stone in Dark Moore.”
They did as they were told, when at last the stone was in the centre, nothing seamed to happen for a matter of minutes. Then, the stones started to chant:
“Morning by night, night by morning, I want to be free, not captured,” They repeated it 4 times then said “Come it is time for you to be set free.” Slowly, Ehlyac emerged from behind a sturdy oak.
She paced forwards until she was in the centre, then she closed her eyes. One minute she was as ugly as a toad, the next she was beautiful in golden robes.
“WOW!” breathed the girls.
“Thank you for saving me,” Ehlyac the princess replied.
Off they went, the tomboy, the graduator and the friend.

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