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The Ruby Ring

A myth submitted to the site by Alisha Hallewell

In the land of Hawaii where the sun always shined and the palm trees swayed in the warm breeze, there was a young girl called Lilly. She loved to splash around in the crystal blue sea. Her hair was blonde with brown strips in it. When she walks it swayed side to side. Everyone loved her hair. Lilly’s eyes were as blue as the bluest sapphire in the world. One day, Lilly woke up, she went outside to have a splash in the sea, but she saw something that she wasn’t expecting...
Gingerly, Lilly swam slowly when he wasn’t looking. She saw a sword! Quickly, Lilly ran inside as she was so scared. Silently, Lilly went to tell mum. She told her mum everything. Lilly’s mum told her about the story when she was little about the ruby ring... when Lilly’s mum was little she went outside to play when she saw a prince. Suddenly, he took the ring but because he came on holiday, he turned into a merman. That is why he is meen. After the story, she went to look out of the window.

All of a sudden, Lilly saw the Ruby ring. It sparkled in the sun light as it almost made her as blind as a bat. Speedily, Lilly ran up the stairs that went round and round. Every time Lilly went up the stair, it always made her dizzy. The stairs were as blue as the sea outside the Island.
Eventually, Lilly reached the top of the palace where her Mum was trying on a new dress. “Mum” shouted Lilly
“What is it darling, you startled me?”mum said surprised.
“I know where your ring is!”Lilly said, sounding very excited,
“where is it? In your secret purple box again? Asked mum.
“NO! It is on the merman like you said, in the story,” replied Lilly. “can I go and get it?”
“NO” screamed mum. After the talk, Lilly’s mum shouted down the stairs that he was a prince. Joyfully, Lilly ran down the stairs as happy as can be!

As quick as a flash, Lilly ran towards the gold, sparkly window to see that the merman was still there. Lilly had a plan! Quickly but quietly, Lilly went to her room, on the third floor of the golden palace. Eventually, she reached her room. It had a blue chandelier and lots of purple all around. Just then she saw her jewellery box, she herd her mum scream because the merman was going to put the ring in a storm that he made with his red scaly tail. Lilly knew she had to work and fast. When Lilly was finished she went outside to give them to him.

Silently, Lilly told the merman that all of this jewellery was much better than that ruby ring. The merman wanted all of the jewels so he took all of the jewels with out saying thank you. He gave Lilly the ruby ring, not saying one word. Lilly got a shiver down the spine, because she did not know what was going to happen. But she took it any way. As quick as light, the merman turned into a prince. However she did not know he was still mean...

As soon as he was a prince, he got hold of his sword. His sword was gold and silver with red gems on it. Angrily, he walked to ward Lilly and pointed his sword at her she got killed! Happily the prince ran back to his family. Lilly’s mum was so sad so she lay her behind a bush cover up under a tree.
But he is still out there... some where... ready to kill young girls!!!

By Alisha Hallewell
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