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Evil Mermaid's Escape

Long, long ago, on an island near Spain. There was a prince who lived in a cave. The land around him was beautiful, peaceful and untouched. His name was Arthur. Happily he ruled his land with his Mum and Dad. Everyone was happy. There land was loved from far and wide. There were wonderful flowers long grass and amazing caves. It was wonderfully peaceful. Arthur had jet black hair like a raven and eyes as blue as the sea!

Even though he had beautiful eyes, they always looked sad. This was because when they first got, there house was burnt down by the mermaid so they are forced to live in a great big, dirty, cold and wet cave. It was an unfortunate event. Arthur was afraid but he didn’t show it if he did, the villagers would hate him. Suddenly, he looked round as there was a great big BANG! There in the village was a shadowy figure. Everyone was running around. The monster had returned was a horrible day!

He ran out of his cave at the back and found the only house left. It belonged to an old lady, (a witch). The door opened and Arthur walked in to the house gingerly. The old woman was standing at a black cauldron .It was as black as a pile of coal. Quickly, the old woman turned around there was not an old lady it was a witch “I’ve been waiting for you,” the witch remarked
“Why?” asked Arthur
“Because you’re the only one who can get the ring out of the chamber,” She replied
“How.” He was amazed and afraid
“Your royal blood.” She whispered. Then disappeared living a bottle with a label saying ‘ Drink me, Arthur, and fight the monster and change her back to your princess.’ Arthur shuddered. He was afraid .

Suddenly, the witch appeared and gave him another bottle saying ‘Drink me.’ Which one did he drink? He grabbed a cup and added in half and half of these bottles. But he turned into a good merman with brown hair, blue eyes and a green tail. The old woman returned and cackled, she then flipped him into the sea. The evil mermaid spotted him and asked him who he was. He was able to reply in a normal voice. Her red eyes turned green back to her normal colour. They swam away happily forever. Into the ocean. It was magical. Will we ever see them again...

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