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The Gold Digger

A myth submitted to the site by Matthew Ryder

It all started in the middle of America in the brown hose right in the heart of it is an old gold mine. It was a strange place it has been abandoned for 97 years but still to this day you can hear the mine carts rattling down the tracks and old chains rattling also even hear footsteps but the most bone chilling sometimes you can even see the gold digger leave the mine. The gold digger is an old ghost who died in the 1915s who hornets the gold mine and the hole of brown hose village everyone hates the gold digger.

Also in the village was a man called J, J was a tall man he had spiky brown hair, sharp blue eyes and also two stubby sticks as legs. It was hard for him to run because of his legs he lived in a large mansion on the edge of brown house village. The mansion had many secrets and tales to tell.

The time was 10 0clock at night and J was about to go to bed when he heard a crash and a scream then a crash, J ran outside. It was kayos’ houses was on fire, people were screaming and shouting it was like a seen from a horror film. The only hose left standing was J’s mansion but see a faint shadow his bedroom and there stood, the gold digger!

Cautiously J entered his hose he could hear the miner cackling in his bedroom. Quietly J tiptoed up the stairs then he arrived at his bedroom door carefully he opened the door and there stood the gold digger. “What do you want?” J wimped “My golden axe and I will have it!” shouted the gold digger with anger and on that note he disappeared. J was puzzled he didn’t know where he went, then it struck him he was probably at the gold mine.

J arrived at the old rotting gold mine, he enter the gold mine with only a torch to keep him safe. He inspected an old mine cart parked at the side, after it had passed the test J hoped in. It clattered down the rusty tracks, zooming round the corners picking up speed till he could see the gold digger. But before he could break ,boom, J crashed into the gold digger. He said to the gold digger
“I know where you’re gold axe is, meet me at the entrance of the gold mine at 12:00 tonight but I’ll only give you the axe if you give me three solid blocks gold and leave the village alone .”
“You know where it is why didn’t you say I’ve been looking for it for years.” Interrupted the gold digger.
The clock striked 12, J was waiting outside the gold mine with the golden axe then the gold digger appeared was three blocks of solid gold like he promised
“hear you go now leave and never come back.” Exclaimed J. The village was safe and J became 5 million pounds richer.

By Matthew Ryder
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