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The Golden City.

A myth submitted to the site by Aman Sharma

Agra, India

Thousands of years ago there was a small Kingdom named Vijayagarh in India.It's King was very soft hearted person. He had three sons names Anuj, Sagar and Dushyant. The princes were also very kind.

A year after a drought happened and the public became poor. So the king helped the public as far as he can. But one Day His treasure also became empty. So the king and his sons went to a saint in the village. They tell their problem to saint and saint tell that there is a city 100 miles in north. It is a golden city if they can bring gold from that city they will become prosperous again but their was a problem the city was guarded by a demon named alkhali. Only way of killing him is that there is a diamond fixed on his head. If they can remove that he will die and city will be there's.

King asked if they take can take permission of him then.The saint tell that he cant hear. Prince take the permission of their father and moved toward that city. After 8 days of travel they reached the city. The demon was guarding on the gate. So thought they can't enter city like this. So they started thinking of a idea.

Suddenly prince sagar stand and Tell's a idea. Then prince dushyant ran towards the demon and suddenly turned towards left the demons see him and ran behind him. When the demon ran behind him Prince Anuj and Prince Sagar pulled the rope and demon fall down and, taking the opportunity, prince dushyant removed the diamond and slashed his head with sword.
After that all of them take the gold and returned the city happily, and lived Happily Forever.

By Aman Sharma
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