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Why the Earth Quakes

A myth submitted to the site by Ronnie

London, Uk

Why the Earth Quakes 
There was a man, not much older than fifteen, just a boy, actually. He stood tall and armored in the finest silver and steal, he was praised as a god and given everything he could ever wish for.
His journey had started two years before then, he had been a weak orphan who wished to go to the public defense school or to play jump rope with the other boys outside, but he had been too afraid. Every night he prayed to the gods to make him grow strong and smart and brave. Every morning he woke up just the same. But he did not give up, and the gods took notice. 

Soon the boy was visited, in a dream, by a god. "Joseph," as that was his name, "I am the God, Jenodora, here to grant you your wish of bravery." The next morning Joseph woke up and went outside to play with the other boys, no longer afraid of being shunned. 

More than a week later, Joseph prayed once more to the gods before going to sleep. That night another person entered his dreams. "Joseph, I am the goddess Senophilia, here to grant your wish of strength." That morning he woke up stronger.
He was able to enter the school of defense, but he suffered from lack of knowledge. He prayed for a week before he was once more visited by a god in his dream. "Joseph," the voice boomed, "I am the god, Amagron, before I grant your wish of knowledge you have to swear upon the gods that you will not use them for the evil, but for the good of the people." Joseph swore upon the gods. "Now, Joseph, if you misuse the powers, the almighty god Sundramite will have you crushed by a Giant Of The Hills." Joseph woke up in the morning with knowledge flowing through his brain.

Joseph, as he went on in life, feared that he might insult the gods one way or another. He was careful but helped the citizens of the city in any way that he could. He started to notice the people always thanking him and treating him better than they had before. He started to question this, what made him better than before? He was the same person, he may be smarter and stronger and braver but he was the same person. It angered him and he started to ignore the people, he helped them but he ignored them.

Over the next two years he did more and more to help the people in any way. He found that people were so grateful that they gave him valuable gifts. Though he was still angry, he began to become obsessed with getting money and gifts from others. The gods frowned upon this.

One night, a god entered his dreams. "Joseph," the voice was worried and kind, "it is me, goddess Senophilia. I am here to warn you that greed is a sin that the gods frown upon. Stop your obsession before the gods punish you." Joseph ignored her words and became greedier. He started to ignore the poor people of the city and helped the rich with everyday problems. 

This went on for three more weeks before a god entered his dream. "Joseph, I am the god Jenodora, I have come to take away your bravery, you have sinned by being greedy despite the words of warning from Senophilia. Stop now before the gods decide to punish you." The next morning, Joseph woke up, he was afraid of going out to play jump rope with the other boys.

Joseph spent his days counting money and shining his gifts. In the nights, one of the gods came to him and asked him to give his gifts and money to the poor, each time, he refused. One night, Senophilia came to visit him. "Joseph,you have refused the gods and therefore I am taking away your strength." The next morning Joseph woke up weak and tired, he could barely pick up his gifts to shine them. He set those down and went to count his money.

The gods became angry as Joseph continued to refuse them. One night Amagron visited his dreams. "Joseph, if you do not do as we tell you, the almighty god, Sundramite will unleash his fury on you. Do as we say and be safe." The next morning Joseph did as he usually did, stayed indoors counting his money. The gods reported this to Sundramite, and that day, his knowledge was taken from him and he could not count. 
That night all three gods came and asked him to give his money and gifts to the poor for the last time. He refused them and woke up. He wanted to protect what was his so he went into his back yard and dug.

It took him two days to dig a large enough hole for his things. He put them into the hole and started to cover it with dirt when he felt the earth move beneath his feet. A giant shadow fell over him and he looked up to see a fierce, ugly, smelly Giant Of The Hills. 
Joseph let out a cry of astonishment as the giant lifted his foot. Joseph threw his arms up as if to stop the foots dissent.

As the Joseph met his doom, the impact of the foot hitting the ground shook the earth, creating the first earthquake. Joseph was not dead, but forced into the now empty hole in which he buried his gifts and gold. Every year, his anger grows worse and his strength was given back to him. To let out his anger, he hits the walls and ground of his earth prison cell. And that is why the Earth Quakes.

By Ronnie
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