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Night Owl

A myth submitted to the site by Holly Ock

One thousand years ago there was a time when owls came out at day. This is the story about how owls started to come out at night.

There was once a owl called Elvas. He was dark brown with black patches all over him. He also had a strong orange beak and razor sharp talons. His wings were big and powerful and he had beautiful blue eyes that could see a mile away. One day elvas was in the middle of his hunt trying to catch a mouse, but all though he was really silent the mouse could see him so it ran away. Elvas was really frustrated and he needed to eat. Sadly elvas was tired, so he slowly went home to his tree.

When he got home his best friend Mavous was on the branch just outside his tree hole. Mavous was a light brown owl and she also had powerful wings. When Elvas saw Mavous he said "hello" Mavous said "hi" back. Elvas noticed that she had to rats hanging off her claws. When mavous saw elvas looking at them she said 'would you like one.' Elvas said 'yes' straight away.

Ss they were eating breakfast he asked her how she managed to catch these two rats? she said ' i woke up really early this morning because i wasn't sleeping well, anyway when i was hunting the rats couldn't see me' 'wow' Elvas replied.

So the next day elvas woke up really early. when elvas started to fly across the meadow he realized that even though it was pitch black he could see really well. After a little while he spotted a bunch of rats eating a rotten apple. When he was sure they weren't looking he swooped down and caught a huge rat.

When he finished eating his rat he went back home to find mavous sitting outside his house again. 'how did the hunt go' mavous said, 'it was great but i am quite tired, aren't you.' 'ye but you get used to it.'

So for the next few months Elvas and Mavous both kept waking up really early to hunt, but even though they had a great feed everyday they got tireder and tireder. Untill one day they decided just to go to bed in the day time. So now they they ere never tired or hungry. Soon all the other owls stated to do what they did and all the owls lived happily ever after.

By Holly Ock
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Name: Sinead Kerr 7th November 2014
its a really cool and detailed story I think its awesome
Name: Lacy Smith 10th May 2013
Great story u put lots of effort into it but there was a couple of spelling mistakes.keep up the good work
Name: Corey Covington 2nd April 2013
beast story hope the next person LIKES it...............

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