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Bloody Mary

A myth submitted to the site by Hollie

Cornwall, United kingdom

Many, many centuries ago lived a woman named Mary. She lived deep in the woods in a little cottage. Mary had a hobby of making medicines. Everyone from the village called her 'Bloody Mary' because they thought she was a witch.

A few weeks had past and 12 five year old girls had gone missing. Everyone searched everywhere but could not find the girls. But as the girls went missing mary had changed she looked younger and younger.

One day a millers wife had gone downstairs to get some tablets for her head ache. While she was downstairs she saw her daughter going out of the frontdoor she screamed for her husband and he came running downstairs. The miller asked what was wrong she pointed at their daughter watching her walk out the door they tried to stop her but she was being contoled by a enchanted tune.

The miller called all the villagers and they followed the girl to the woods where they saw Mary. They knew something strange was going on so they hid behind a bush and watched. They saw the girl stop in front of Mary and as Mary dug out of her pocket a wand and waved it the girl grew older and older and Mary grew younger and younger.

It was too late for the girl but the villagers including the miller lashed out and grabbed Mary. To get rid of her they hanged her and burnt her body but not before she said a spell
"Whoever looks in a mirror and says bloody mary three times will see me".

By Hollie
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